1. Kind of remins me "Mr Bean's Holiday" from 2007, when Defoe's character in a spoof did the same kind of voice over movie. At first, I thought this was the same thing.

  2. I grew up with WD. He is to me a GOAT. I am so happy this has been created. I cannot wait
    …End transmission. 🪞

  3. This looks tailor-made for an actor of Dafoe's caliber. He definitely shows up ready to work, no phoning in for Willem!

  4. This looks like an interesting adaptation of Bo Burnham’s special. Defoe is an weird but interesting choice to play Bo.

  5. This looks like a comic book style origin story of the Pigeon Man from Hey Arnold. Seriously though, I never realized it but Willem Dafoe would play the best Pigeon man ever. When they make a "Hey Arnold Live Action Movie," it should just randomly star the best actors of our generation. Just for no apparent reason at all. Like Christian Bale could play Arnold by getting on a really strict diet so he can lose about 2 ft in height and 45 to 50 years in age. Even still, when he would pull it off, (because we all know the crazy Welch bastard would Damn well pull it of lmfao!), transforming from a man in his mid 50s into an 8 year old boy would still only be his second most stunning transformation. His number 1 transformation specifically being when he played Hillary Clinton and had to gain over 200 pounds of pure.cunt…c;

  6. Plot twist: It's a psychological thriller about Norman trapped inside himself every time the Goblin takes over.

  7. Rule #1.) Don't attempt to steal someone else's art collection, Rule #2.) If you do, make sure you pack a lunch and lots of water.

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