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This orca pod uses incredible tactics to hunt seals protected by rafts of ice. Only around 100 orcas in the world use this remarkable technique.

Meet the animals inhabiting our fragile frozen worlds. ❄️ #FrozenPlanet2

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  1. Feel for the seal but you can’t deny how incredibly and tactically these killer whales work with each other. They earned their meal.

  2. I hate to be this guy. But would people please watch my nature video, I regard it as one of the best nature videos you will see, it took many months to make and if you like nature and animals, I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s on my channel – planet earth, we don’t own the planet, we share it’ thank you to all that watch!

  3. This isn't enjoyable to watch. The seal has a look of fear on its face. Any interest in the way the Orcas work is lost in the horror of what they are doing.

  4. Poor seal 🦭😢
    I know that one animal's death is another animal's life.. but yet I still feel sad to see such an end..
    Rest in peace, poor seal 🦭💔

  5. Я не смогла досмотреть видео, потому что расплакалась. Надеюсь, тюлень выжил

  6. the seal is on a different piece of ice in 1:07 and 1:27, is the seal a different one ? maybe the whole video is a collection of different footage

  7. Hmm they used a similar hunt in one of the other main series of bbc earth with david attenborough. Feels like I have seen it already

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  15. Watching this grim reality in the wild makes me cringe however I love watching ORCA pods swimming and giving a show in the water! I feel sorry for the seal!

  16. @01:05 Record Scratch "Yeah. You probably want to know how this happened. It all started when I went for a swim this morning…"

  17. I remain thankful these beautiful yet deadly creatures don't hunt humans and we are able to get such incredible footage

  18. Orca are rather intelligent. Being pack hunters means they almost always get their prey…
    SUPERB camera work and patience by the BBC Earth Team to be at the correct place at the correct time. 👍😊

    M 🦘🏏😎

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