Incantation | Full Horror Movie (HD)


PLOT: As her life spirals out of control, a rebellious undergrad begins practicing a forbidden witchcraft to help her grades; but when she unknowingly unleashes a deadly curse that threatens her father’s life, she will be forced to pass her biggest test yet .

CAST: Elise Greene, Kellan Rhude, Ashton Leigh

DIRECTOR: Eric Gibson

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  1. well, the story has promise, but the execution of it is sadly lacking in places, some of the most important aspects are rushed, and it leaves the viewer very unfulfilled. A better adaptation is required. Not a bad watch though

  2. 30 mins EXACTLY " Damn………. I should have kissed her ! " ……………………..I am sooooo frustrated ….lol

  3. loved it, but if I could have one wish…..that at 23.50 mins-24.20 mins, 2-3 second gap between lines would send it over the OMFG edge…..1.5 secs extra will make soooo much difference. 🙂 ( just my thoughts ) .. love this flick … 5 full YAY's 🙂

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