IN DREAMS Official Trailer (2023) Bianca Van Damme

After her grandfather’s murder, Alma and her husband Eddie decide to go away to her childhood cabin in the woods, where her life will develop into a surreal confusion in which her vigil becomes oneiric and her dreams turn real.

IN DREAMS Official Trailer (2023) Bianca Van Damme
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  1. i will check out because i am die hard fan of van damme & i luv his daughter Bianca :)))) this is a weird type of movie that she is in i was expecting her to do martial arts films or action movies or something like that of her own i am surprised that van damme is isn't in this movie as well because that's his daughter lol idk i will give this movie a look

  2. "Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." –Lolly Daskal

  3. it looks like a school production from someones first movie , the sound as well. –>> B-movie

  4. She looks just like her Mother; Gladys Portugues but not much like Dad; Jean-Claude Van Damme

  5. Oh yay just what we need another is-the-woman-crazy-or-is-someone-actually-trying-to-hurt-her movie

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