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A massive crack in the earth’s crust threatens the world with deadly gas from the planet’s core. It’s up to a geologist and his family to battle ice geysers and avalanches to save mankind.

Starring – Brendan Fehr, Holly Elissa & Jodelle Ferland
Directed by – Paul Ziller

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  1. These movies make me laugh. Watching Americans trying to solve and beat natural disasters like they are so great and invincible.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Gooooddd… actually some REAL snow instead of that fake snow that is being used in most disaster movies.

  3. Nakaka shunga naman, nasa dangerous situation and place pero di hawak mga anak…Bwisit di ba… Kaarte pa naman ng panganay..

  4. Unforeseen events or circumstances happened unexpectedly! It comes anytime, day or night. It cause trauma, fear, destruction and loss of lives. Natural calamities maybe associated with human activities and abuses, but in the event it occur the damage is widespread!

  5. Umm, when a there's icy cold air it doesn't rise unless under pressure.
    A cold air geyser (if I may call it such) would only release cold air as long
    as the pressure would be positive which would last only a very short while.
    In theory compressed gas compressed by pressure from ice can exist and
    would be very cold, since the heat would be released into the ice, but even
    so, when the ice would crack and releae the pressure it would quickly equalize.
    It could then technically freeze anything nearby but only for the duration
    of the gas expansion, and only up to the point of thermal equilibrium.
    It can cause cold burns, but the amount of heat within a solid body can't
    be undone by a short burst of such air. Also, snow is very porous and would
    disallow such pressure. For one bar of overpresure you'd need solid
    ice, not snow at least 10 meters thick, since one bar overpressure would lift
    anything less than 10.000 kg off the ground.

    33:25 And why go up the mountain, when down would lead to more warm surroundings
    and civilization ?

  6. This man is too young to the woman's husband. I did though he's her son in the first ten 15 minutes 😓

  7. The mother asking if the children is OK when they are right in front of her ??? The father checking if the daughter is ok in the shed instead of making a call to report and for help. No wonder most people have no brains to save themselves. Smh

  8. Really a disaster movies….. on the human intelligence. Especially the sister who should stay behind in the shelter when the snow collapse. So stupid. Lost the brother for less than one minute ? Can happen in opened snow field ? Cannot see the brother ? Just follow or back track, why moved off in a different direction. The brother said he lost the dad present, he rather want to loss his life, and went in search, how stupid is that.

  9. Great movie I was a teary eyes when comes to the end and the dog saw her dad then her family together again…. this is owesome

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