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  1. The animation graphics just aren't the same as when it was blue sky studio😔 the realism, the physics, the colorful scenes,the detail,brought you to another world. Sadly this one doesn't have the same effect,not to me anyways. A 10 year old might not notice the difference but I grew up with Ice age

  2. Hey Disney Remember how you shut down the studio that made Ice Age (Blue Sky Studios) look at the people on Twitter they are sending you angry letters to you because that you shut down Blue Sky Studios so maybe one day you can listen to those fans and bring Blue Sky Studios back you didn't finish Nimona yet it was 80% done and you pulled the plug on it and next time bring back Scratt and the other characters in ICE AGE 7 https://youtu.be/ixL-L5zc1-0

  3. This Movie is Quite Awesome!
    The Fact That It Has a Lot Of Character Depth Makes It Worth Watching. & Btw Love Your Recaps 💞

  4. Off topic but I have an idea: They should make a ride at Disney world called Friends on the Other Side from The Princess & the Frog (2009).

    It’ll be a slow ride where people sit in & it’ll take them on a tour of areas that were shown from the film: Dr. Facilier’s lair where he lured Naveen to in his Friends on the Other Side song & while the ride is passing through the tunnel, you see those voodoo masks asking “Are you ready?” & the ending of the ride will be Friends on the Other Side (reprise of Dr. Facilier’s death) & when he gets sucked in the mask’s mouth into the green abyss, the little vehicle everyone’s sitting in during the ride will drop down a hill like a roller coaster & seeing the shadow ghosts flying against the walls (the ones he sent to track down Tiana & Naveen) while hearing Facilier’s saying “I PROMISE I’LL PAY YOU ALL BACK! I PROMISE! AHHH!” & into that mask’s mouth & then it’ll lead to outside of the ride as it ends.

  5. This sucked soo bad….Ice age used to be enjoyable by all age grades..but this was soo guffy, like guffying in annoying way..this was terrible..i hate it.

  6. "I am the priceless protector of this Lost World
    If you want to survive, listen to these words
    Fa la la la la la la la la la la la
    If you think I'm a greater, so don't be a hater
    You might be jurrassic, but I'm fantastic!"

  7. Ice Age no longer the Fox Studio those good old day all 5 movies alway the three friends Manfred Sid and Diego go on wild cold adventure are the best also never forget the crazy squirrel always chasing his acorn he not in this new movie. Now all the new folks having new quest.

  8. I just watched the movie an hour ago and I have a couple of questions. Why are some characters missing in the film and what about the graphics?