How to End the War in Ukraine: Matt Duss and Ray McGovern Debate U.S. Policy on Russia, NATO & More

As the U.S. pours billions in military aid into Ukraine, we host a debate on the Biden administration’s response to the war and U.S. policy toward Russia amid increasing calls among progressives for a diplomatic end to the conflict. We speak to former Bernie Sanders foreign policy adviser Matt Duss, now a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who specialized in the Soviet Union. “Everyone understands that at some point there will need to be a negotiation to bring this war to a close, but I think the tension within the progressive community comes to when and how that diplomacy actually takes place,” says Duss. McGovern stressest that U.S. policymakers must understand Russia’s motivations, saying Russia sees the eastward expansion of NATO as threatening its core interests akin to how the United States viewed the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s. “We need to go back and figure out how this all started in order to figure out how to end it,” says McGovern.

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  1. Ukraine will not end the war until they kick the Russians out of their country and Russia surrenders and Ukraine will dictate the pease agreement.

  2. The Us keeps feeding weapons to Ukraine, expect Russia to launch at Nuke at the US sooner or later

  3. Well, Putin has done a lot to become hated. If you are going to debate who is responsible, you should be extra careful about taking sides with a dictator. Although a democracy breaks its own laws to further its own cause, a dictator has fewer restrictions. Remember when they talk about debating fairness it's not for fairness but to win a game.

  4. 18:33 how convenient “if we keep fighting to occupy more territory it’s not because we are imperialists that want to occupy the whole country (but would temporarily settle for what we have taken), it’s because you sent weapons”
    What a joke that guy is.

  5. “Who could be against talks” people who bother to listen to ruSSian state media where officials openly declare that the talks were just a way stall for time and regroup.

  6. Great job Ray. Clown Duss, 🚩for Bernie. Putting this guy as you’re foreign policy “expert”😂 this channel has gone down hill since russiagate… look at all the bases the US has around Russia for decades, we know a proxy war when we see one….neo-McCarthyite Duss

  7. either there's gonna be extensive deiplomatic talks to end this war or this war is gonna keep going on and on. I'm sorry international politics isn't a Hollywood movie. The media can have endless discussions about that once there is a treaty

  8. Well on the War in Ukraine, if Russia 'dislike the idea of having NATO set up in Ukraine' .
    Why Not just let Putin, know that NATO WILL NOT SET UP A BASE in Ukraine !?!
    [ Shouldn't that be the end in ending the War in Ukraine to and end ! ]

  9. This war would end very quickly if Americans found out the corruption of Ukraine, sales of military weapons for lives young soldiers both Ukrainian and Russian ! How can we demolish the walls to the truth for a nation that calls itself free, democratic?
    Our “representatives” are not truly responding to our calls, our needs: what we if “hold the vote?” What will happen?..

    I would love to hear views on the legal or constitutional implications. If insufficient numbers of voters only show up at the polls (electronically or in person)… can an official be elected?

    Enough begging “elected officials” to do what the people need (jobs, medical health, free education, crime reduction, drugs off the st, etc). They should be begging for our votes 🗳️
    This shouldn’t be a losing battle any longer. Thank you.

  10. It's really gross that this toadie used to advise Bernie. Had never heard of Ray McGovern, but he's the only person here speaking sense

  11. Thousands of Children have been saved from starvation and neglect, abandoned by Ukrainian surrogate Mothers.
    Thank you Mr. President Putin for saving all these motherless Children. Just bad that the western women can, t
    claim a refund.

  12. Putin entered Ukraine under United Nations article 51 after first attempting to stop the needless slaughtering of eastern Ukrainians by the Ukrainian government. These are Russian speaking Ukrainians. 14,000 of these Russian speaking Ukrainians were slaughtered by the Ukrainian government before Putin entered in Feb 2022. Zelensky is now asking the US for all of our old cluster bombs (outlawed by most countries because of indiscriminate killing of citizens and children).

  13. the Russia/ Ukraine stituation is Britain trying to invade Ireland to re-establish Pale of Settlement and The Protestant Ascendacy. It is France landing troops in Algeria to liberate the farms stolen from the the poor pieds-noir by the brutal Arab nazis. Horror! The Irish are teaching children Irish Gaelic in the schools in defiance and contempt for the 800 years the English/Britishspent invested trying to civilize that savage realm. Algeria was not a colony, it was four departments of the French state. France and Britain face an existential threat frrom these obstreperous former countrymen who had no civization of their own, no nationality of their own, except what Britain or France gave them. The only decent course for the world is to accept Anglo-French revanchism.
    Seriously, your McGoverns, Saches, Miersheimers and Benjamins would be outraged If western old colonialists tried to turn back time. Why does Russia get a special dispensation. Have any of these people read word one about Russian colonialism? Britain's conduct in Ireland was massively worse than with any colony of black, brown, or yellow folk, but Ivan and Stalin easily blew Britain's Irish doors off in Ukraine and Poland and likely in many other places if we only knew. Just because a motorcycle gang occupies a town, kills the men rapes the women and children and loots everything of value – especially the toilets and washing machines – does not mean the rest of the state should support the bikers being granted title to the property of their victims
    This situation is not about US/Nato expansionism or US/Nato failure to recognise Russia's Sphere of influence. In terms of first causes , the US/NATO and the other countries supporting Ukraine are not in it. They are irrelevant This war started with the Russian oligarchies infinite greed and the Russian Deep state's insatiable lust for power even as its empire falls away. Restraining any impulse to send western troops or actively bomb Russian targets with western planes flown by western pilots, but supplying Ukraine with the weapons to fight the invaders and the money to keep Ukraines economy viable is absolutely the right thing to do. There will come a time for negotiations, but only after putin has stopped saying every single point at issue is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
    Finally, as someone who has spent his whole life despising and decrying the actions of US goverments in Vietnam, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iraq and so forth it really pleases me to say "Yanks, you're back on the right side of history. Bravo, USA.)

  14. The U.S. was wrong in the 60's Cuban Missile crisis, Cuba can host w/e ICBMS they want, they are a sovering nation. Now progressive seem to think imperialism is Alright… its only extreme left and extreme right who agree on that, disgusting humans who leads us to extinction. I mean democracy now! isupposed to be progressive, and yet look at all its audiences praising the putin excuser from Bush era…. pathetic excuse of leftist.

  15. The only provocation has been by Russia as NATO is a defensive organization the only response is NATO ensure victory in Ukraine and Georgia

  16. The policy should be simple Russia get out of Georgia and Ukraine with NATO accepting them as Full members, do we care what dogma is stated by Putin and Lavrov they can leave both countries for Peace, ask Ukrainians if they now hate Russians.

  17. Russia helped Europe in the two world wars. Yet such narrative of russophobia is created. Thank God we live in information age.

  18. 20:21"The claims, the intelligence, that they have made public all along the way has been affirmed. Repeatedly." Matt Duss ?

  19. This illustrates why a normally great candidate, Bernie Sanders, is so terrible on foreign policy.

  20. Biden had a chance to end the war but declined. Why did he start it in the first place? This is the entirely predictable and predicted outcome of forced NATO expansion to Russia's border. Was this always the plan?

  21. The Ukraine War is over and Zelensky just gave Ukraine to BlackRock….look into it and watch…

  22. Tell the Ass. Press that Ray McGovern can neither confirm nor deny the Bay of Pigs, but that I have every confidence that Premier Zelensky can restock Gen. Brigadier Escobam's batteries of short-range anti-aircraft stockades in Argentina and Peru. We will storm the Omaha, we will bring peace to the continuing Civil War in Korean, we will take back Our microchip factories from the Communist Chinese in Qi-Gon Gin and liberate the sweatshop workers of Palestine and Mexico. Tell them what we told them during the War on Drugs!!! TELL them that all Mexico and Russia needs is DEMOCRACY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At hashtag DEMOCRACY NOW!

  23. Tell Nancy Pelosi I'm world renown for defending Democracy and Freedom. When the Northern Union entered Kentucky, I lost all hope but knew our boots on the ground could count on oil supplies from the (redacted) to help the Coalition bring the Baathe Party (mostly made up of Saddamn Hussein's "administrators" according to Western news outlets) back into power a 3rd time.I will gladly advise Mr. Kennedy and Gen. Patreus at the White House.

    And tell the Shah of Iran: "Hell no, I won't go!" to any other YouTube(TM) news network than DEMOCRACY NOW!

  24. Bulgaria, Rohan, and Luxembourg hear your words, internet special interest group. They are taking up arms even as we speak to defend Freedom and Democracy in the strategic shipping port of Panama. Their drone factories, once fully productional, will occupy the Gulf of Mexico. This lays their forces at risk of bring caught in a pincer movement between the incoming armadas of Russia and Iran and the narco-terrorist militias of Mexico and Brazil. I've no doubt our brave allies in both NATO and the Coalition are steadfast and ready to do what Oliver North could only dream. We will storm the beaches of Israel, take back Thailand's microchip factories from the Communist Chinese, fnishing annexing Cuba, launch waves of cyber warfare against the illegal money launderers in the Cayman Islands, and restock Gen. Brigadier Escobam's U.S. munitions stockade in Argentina.

    Tell Zelensky, the DPNK, and Palestine the democracy is coming. Tell them they only need DEMOCRACY NOW!!!!

  25. If this guy is advising Bernie Sanders, then Bernie is in very good hands. He very much understands how the US should conduct itself in this situation.

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