How To Delete Continue Watching On Netflix ✅

How To Delete Continue Watching On Netflix
To delete shows/movies from your Continue Watching on Netflix, select the profile icon on the top right.

From the Dropdown, select Account.

On your Account page, scroll down to Profile & Parental Controls.

If you have multiple Netflix profiles in your Account, select the profile you’d like to delete Continue Watching from.

Scroll down to Viewing Activity and click View.

Here you’ll see all the past Activity and Continue Watching shows on your Netflix profile.

Find the title you’d like to delete from your Continue Watching list.

To remove the title from Continue Watching, click the Hide from Viewing History icon – the circle with slash through it.

Click it and the title will be removed from your history and Continue Watching list within 24 hours.

It will not reappear on your Continue Watching list or be re-used for Netflix Recommendations unless you watch it again.

If this title is part of a series and you want to remove all episodes from your history and Continue Watching list, click Hide Series.

Once selected, all the episodes in your list will be deleted from Netflix history and Continue Watching.

When you return to the Netflix homepage, you’ll see they no longer appear in your Continue Watching list.

That’s how to delete Continue Watching on Netflix!



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  2. So quick and easy to understand. I’ve googled and even watched YouTube videos, looking at several options to remove ‘continue watching’ but was unable to remove them. All steps had a different format from my iPad. This is the only one I found that is the same. Thank you so much 😀.

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