How Sam Wilson Became Captain America | Long Story Short

The story of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson’s epic bromance, and how Steve passed the torch to Sam officially making him Captain America!

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  1. How Sam Wilson became The Falcon is way more fascinating than how he became Captain America.

  2. 2:57 Okay, but why have two Marvel heroes with the exact same name existing together at the same time? Wasn't that the reason why Peter Parker's clone in the 90s went by the name Scarlet Spider while Peter was still being Spider-Man?

  3. Did Tell It Animated make this??? because it looks a lot like it (I mean a lot!)

    Edit : Is that his voice??? pretty sure it's his voice!!!

  4. Bucky was NOT a Hydra agent!!
    Towards the end of WWII, a plane that was carrying a bomb over the North Atlantic was intercepted by Cap & Bucky. The plane exploded & both men fell into the ocean. Cap went into suspended animation & Bucky lost his left arm. Almost immediately Bucky was captured by the Russians & lost his memory but, retained all his fighting skills. Since he didn't have the Super Soldier serum in him, the Russians put him in suspended animation as well.
    They thawed Bucky out eventually, made a state of the art Bionic arm & trained him as a Russian agent, who became the Winter Soldier. While training in the infamous Red Room he met a young Natasha Romanoff, who would eventually become the Black Widow.
    The Winter Soldier was used as an assassin. When not on a mission, he was put back in suspended animation. This happened numerous times over the years. Eventually he remained in suspended animation. Some years after the end of Communism the Red Skull found the Winter Soldier & recognized him.
    The Skull used The Winter Soldier to try to kill Captain America. Cap got his his hands on the Comic Cube & used it to restore Bucky's memories.
    Bucky was ashamed & could not face Cap or what he had been turned into. After the supposed death of Steve Rogers, Bucky took up the shield & became Captain America. Eventually Steve & Bucky reunited & continued their friendship.

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