How Oscar Isaac Plays Marc & Steven! | Behind The Scenes of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight

Lorraine Cink goes behind-the-scenes with Sean Faden, VFX Supervisor for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, talking about the VFX work and intensive pre-production planning that went in to bringing to life Oscar Isaac’s amazing performances as Steven Grant and Marc Spector as they talked to each other through mirrors in Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight.

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  1. My God the special effects are amazing and Oscar's acting is awesome but that show was just so boringggg
    Mid knighttt

  2. You know what’s sad people are gonna start complaining about cgi that no one saw until this aren’t they

  3. Great video but the interviewer is a robot. Just speak like a human being please

  4. He acted the different parts so well you could always tell which one was Steven and which one was Marc.

  5. switching accent and entire personality seemed like a cup of tea for Oscar. Never witnessed anything like that before.

  6. Is this dude giving his interview whilst still on set, got his earpiece in still,. gotta respect that!

  7. I have many things to say about the direction that marvel studios is taking moon knight in, but one thing for sure is that oscar isaac is an amazing actor who deserves more recognition for these roles

  8. Mr Oscar Isaac deserves a emmy for his performance. Hopefully we get a season 2 with more "Jake Lockley".

  9. i remember i hated this guy for hist performance in Stars Wars as Poe Dameron, but then i realized that i just didnt like the character. With time i got to see amazing performances like in x-men, ex machina, dune, drive, etc. He has that DiCaprio multi-faceted skill and i love it !

  10. wow this is nice marvel doing breakdown by itself for its own movies thats great

  11. The visual effects in this show were fantastic (for the most part). I really hope Marvel Studios starts to utilise LED technology like Mandalorian, Dune, The Batman etc.

  12. VXF workers are literally the ones who bring alive the majority of movies we love and enjoy but the actors take all the credit

  13. Marvel makes superb quality CGI but at the same time makes so bad CGIs. How?

  14. Absolutely great acting from Oscar & the writing of the two sides of the character etc. is very interesting & how you first think that Steven is the "real" one and Marc is a completely other person who is just in his body and then it turns on to switch around completely… amazing.

  15. The mirror and reflection work is top tier. Great job coordinating those shots.

  16. Jesus Christ Marvel. Tone down your behind the scenes interviewers. They are overacting. This entire format of yours looks so sterile and lifeless. It looks fake as hell. Like an A.I. created this.

  17. To be apart of that team is my dream job and as a video editor right out of college I can't wait to learn everything I can about these amazing techniques!

  18. the composter are tooo good the mirror cleanplate and extra stuff like that

  19. Oscar Isaac 's act in this series overshadowed everything else..

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