1. I am a support worker.. I feel this. 😂. I wish I could Juggle, I may get more money. But we all know the money is not why we do what we do

  2. I honestly don't see what she finds offensive! His skin, his shirt 👕 and accessories?

  3. That women's character is DEFINITELY Racist, the way she looked at him, and doubted all his qualifications for his appearance, the way she generally acted around him SCREAMS racist. I feel bad for him being treated so dismissively. That's just awful.

  4. Wish I could watch this show. Looks really good and I love that two down syndrome actors are the leads.

  5. as an ex support worker it can be differcult working woth mentally disabled individuals as some know the system better then most and will use it to get what they want. there are alot of restrictions to the job and can be more doffercult when you have a person younhave to look after blowing up with rage and anger over the smallest things. made it hard to care for people after a while not everyone is cut out for thay type of work

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