1. This will never stop you must know this. My Dad use to tell me men have urge’s when I was younger. If it was me and I was getting this, I’d come off. Log off! If you’re that horrified come off. Before the internet you’d never have random strangers come round and show their photo albums. Only mothers can stop this, as in teaching their children (sons) respect to all women.
    Read or look up interesting things on the net. Everyone has peripheral vision, enough to see some odd photo without actually looting straight at it.

  2. The result of about 20 odd years of god awful sex education and worshipping parts of Americana. And increasing autism.

  3. LOONA IS 12! Boycott both Blockberry and the BBC! They are mistreating their employees and bringing cultural appropriation with Jamie Olive Oil!

  4. Of course she doesn’t get flashed at on the street, because no one knows what she’s like on social media, she’s not out dressed half naked, or in mini skirts/looking like a tart etc. guessing her getting SH online is the reason she has a drink problem. People called her out for being an alcoholic because all she was doing everyday was posting pics of her drinks on her story. So she stopped posting it everyday, I mean you can tell someone has a problem when all they do is post pics of their drink on socials and bang on about how hammered they were, she would go to the pub have a wine, then later at home have another, and then have a glass of champagne, you cannot tell me that this is normal. She was sat in a pub last night watching her show with 6 bottles of wine on the table. her family and friends really need to open their eyes and see she’s an alcoholic before it’s too late🤦‍♀️

  5. I wonder if she has the same opinion about skin colour and crime as when she talks about "not all men"
    What about religion?

  6. Better ask a question what really is "sexual harassment", because that conception has been degraded by entitled people.

  7. Whoever thinks random dick pics are a legitimate cause for concern need to get off the computer and go outside to the real world and see how real people struggle.

    What a joke. Might as well cry about the sexist air conditioning too. Entitled white woman acting like they don't do similar behavior. Cause men NEVER get sexually harassed, what a very female only problem.

  8. I started watching as I was intrigued from her spot on Woman's Hour but had to turn off 15 minutes in after that vile creature Seann Walsh appeared as a fellow moral crusader. Shame, it could have seen so good.

  9. Help yourself, failing that get pissed wear a short skirt and get the wrong attention. And then cry when you do, sorry that's a fact. Wrong that you would be, but there are weirdo's

  10. It's wrong obviously what has happened to you, I saw you on this morning. You don't help yourself, your comedy is you being a slapper. You will attract weirdo's, that's blatantly obvious . Again wrong but, don't cry when you parade yourself and attract weirdo's

  11. It is disgusting that "anyone? Male or female think's it's acceptable to send vile messages to any female!
    Common sense tells me never wave a prime steak in front of hungry dogs" as it may well cause some form of reaction!
    There will always be thousands of idiots out there hiding behind anonymous / fake accounts harassing others.
    There needs to be some accountability" both from "men and women" and the law updated to openly expose these vile perverts otherwise women will keep attracting these vile idiots!

  12. Dont go online is probably the best thing you can do and you might find an improvement to your mental health as a side benefit. Otherwise you will never eradicate these sorts of things because a small percentage of men are like this. But that is how society is these days. Its minorities that ruins most things.

  13. I'm just face palming at the ridiculous comments on this video just proving that there's an embedded attitude that women should just ignore it or put up with it. If a man started reciving unsolicited dick pics every day from random men, they'd soon get annoyed and start complaining openly.

  14. “Let’s blame the symptom not the cause.”

    Women constantly act in sexually provocative ways on social media to seek attention and validation for their own pathetic insecurity- then they wonder why they attract weirdos and perverts. It’s almost a twisted attention seeking game they play.

    If women had more respect for themselves instead of idolising Cardi B or opening an Onlyfans account they’d attract high value men.

  15. It is Legal in the UK to Buy A Woman's Body. Prostitution is Legal. Therefore Depravity & Sexual Violence towards Women is Legal as long as you pay her for it. Blair's Gov made Prostitution Legal & sent a Very Clear message to every Wayne Couzens type (the Prostitutes he used committed Sex Acts so Depraved even the Daily Mail wouldn't say what, All Legal) & the Mark Brown Type that their Depravity is Legal & therefore Socially Acceptable. No Coincidence that we now have Police Forces riddled with Perverts. Extreme Porn is available to Children, Porn is Acceptable. Typical English Hypocrisy, shock horror at these stories but content to have Prostitution/Depravity Legal & the Queen's/King's Award for Industry going to a Sex Aid/Toy Company, 'dogging' & how long before Prostitutes are advertising on Late Night Radio? Sheer Hypocrisy but as Alan Bennett has said it's what the English do Best.

  16. If you see harassment happening, speak up. 🤗💪 Being harassed is terrible; having bystanders pretend they don't notice is infinitely worse.

  17. I get pics of women’s vaginas constantly and I am sick of it said no man ever. Seriously, if the 0.1% of men who are actually rapist predators send you dick pics simply delete them or ask yourself why these are being sent to you. I have never heard of any female friend who is regularly getting dick pics and neither has my wife or her female friends 🤷🏻‍♂️

  18. Social media is the toilet of society. Ban it and the world will be a better place.

  19. As a man, if you are not ill intentioned you don’t send sexual signals when unsolicited. That’s not something good intentioned people do

  20. If you don't know the rules of the internet stop using it. The world will never adjust to your "feelings". You throw away your privacy and any reasonable expectation of not being solicited once you publicly broadcast yourself in a social media service. You have made yourself the product and given yourself away free to everyone, everywhere.

    If you don't wanna see dicks in your DMs stop using that corporate surveillance platform and stop sharing your digital info unless it's with someone you would also share your home address with, and stop saying and posting things on the internet that you wouldn't say in court while you were on trial.

  21. I'm sorry, but she is an A class manipulator! She has appeared in one successful television program "The Inbetweeners" and she starred in that as the eye candy! her career was nearly finished, she only kept it going by appearing in lads mags, posing provocatively in bikinis etc, which gained her a substantial fan base of toxic lads and young boys as there the ones who read magazines like Zoo and FHM!)….she had no female fans as she had only been on tv once and it was only due to these fans she now calls toxic that she was only offered a job by GMTV as they wanted to attract more males to the show, she's only doing this documentary to be famous!, she was perfectly happy with the attention when her fame was dying and there's also no way that she's getting more messages now at her age then when she was posing on zoo half naked 15 years ago lol….if you ask me she realises her fame days are numbered, so she's taken a gamble and dumped her male fans to try and win the female fans over so she can get her own show like that stacey as to be honest that's the only way she will keep a career as she's to old to be a sex symbol now !!

  22. Is someone who leaves the doors to their home unlocked 'asking to be burgled?'
    No, of course not. But they certainly could (and should) reduce the likelihood of their home being burgled by ensuring the doors are locked.

  23. Why does she open every message that she gets on Instagram? 🤦‍♂️ I think she’s desperate for a shag 😂 get a grip woman

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