1. looks funny! Why its called House Party when I could have been called a million names, I will never know.

  2. seems good, looking forward to the movie. cool they got kid n'play. i hope they get chris from house party 5 to appear

  3. Was that Gata with the Koala? I'd love for him to be in more stuff, he's such a great comedic and dramatic actor

  4. This looks like crap…sorry…. The first one was charming and fun, this (based on the trailer) has neither

  5. Looks interesting but why call it House Party. This has nothing of the feel or focus of the original. This feels more like Friday or janky promoters

  6. I've just excepted that if I wanna see something non corny and funny….I gotta look to the past and replay what I've already seen to be hilarious.

  7. the whole premise falls apart when you realize he could just send his daughter to public school.

  8. Any movie that’s full of irrelevant celeb cameos and heavily dates itself by referring to current technology by brand name or format,is gonna suck and has no substance. The plot is stupid,how do you get away with telling the INTERNET you’re having a party at a mansion and not even the celebs recognize the address or home as lebrons and he doesn’t know about it –__

  9. Wow, never seen a black movie before where the protagonists are commiting a crime & the lone white guy is a complete tool. I guess if it works, go with it. Doesn't help with the young black men stereotype though.

  10. This surprisingly don’t look bad. It’s refreshing to get a movie like this in theaters since Comedies is relatively dead.

  11. Naw…this is a pass, I'll wait for it when it comes on HBO or something, this doesn't look like a re-make of house party but more like PROJECT X and that movie was FIRE!!!

  12. Should have just called it something else cause this seems to be missing the point and spirit over the OG version and seems to be aiming for flash and bloated with unnecessary celeb cameos.

  13. Since zaslav dosnt want it ,is going straight to theathers better than being tax written and forgotten

  14. From the trailer, they may have invested thought into this remake. Never thought I’d be interested.

  15. I’m loving this trend of belated sequels to popular Black movies.
    • The Best Man Holiday
    • Barbershop: The Next Cut
    • Bad Boys for Life
    • Coming 2 America
    • Space Jam: A New Legacy
    Honorable mention goes to the Jumanji sequels. The original wasn’t a Black movie, but since they now star Black leads in place of Robin Williams, The Rock and Kevin Hart – they get a shoutout

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