HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Trailer 2 (NEW 2022) Game of Thrones

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Trailer 2 (NEW 2022) Game of Thrones
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  1. Can't wait to see what "The Chin" does in this, so I suppose I better start binging the series in preparation lol Also "The Chin" if you know, you know lol

  2. Got season finale and soprano s season finale! 2 holes in my soul ! But I'm invested so will see how it goes….

  3. It looks visually very good, even great, costume designs, choreography, special effects, make ups, narrative, even acting although we can't say much about that from trailers. But what's the point of this show, the story was already told in GOT, we all know how it starts and how it ends. It was very well covered and documented. It would be much better if they did First Long Night, about that we had only speculations.

  4. 'History does not remember blood'…..Yeah but is sure as fuck does remember the final seasons of GOT….The north remembers

  5. It's like coming back to an abusive ex (hbo) when they promise they'd do right this tine

  6. Now this looks a job for me. So everybody, just follow me. 'Cause we need a little controversy. 'This'll feel so empty without me.

  7. How many people pretending like they never liked GOT lmao yeah last season was bad but come one … y’all excited

  8. This series is going to be lit!! I cannot wait to see the dance in full swing with Meleys and Vhagar.

  9. I like the way how the clothes, people, nature and cities seem more old, more visceral. You can see all the greatness and power. It's beautiful!

  10. I started watch Game Of Thrones after it was already finished.
    Never having to wait for the next episode was pretty awesome.
    I don't know how I will be able to handle this.
    Taking years to watch a show instead of just weeks?

  11. I dont think Hbo will allow the same to happen this time. The negative pr they recieved from season 8 was a harsh lesson.

  12. I honestly can not imagine being fucking bothered to watch another game of thrones show.

  13. history also remembers how dave and dan absolutely destroyed our favorite series… if they have anything to do with house of the dragon i'm not watching