HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Trailer 2 (2022) Game of Thrones

HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Trailer 2 (2022) Game of Thrones
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  1. Wait, don't we know that a woman don't sit on the iron throne from GoT? If so, is one of the big story ark something we know won't happen?? Fucking hate prequals.

  2. The only way I would watch this is that the storyline in the past gets "Branned" causing the series to skew into another version of the GOT future where Season 6 to 8 do not exist

  3. Ok you have racial quotas but seriously since when are targarians black? You could make an effort to include minorities in the script.

  4. I'm going into this not taking in to count game of thrones. As I saee it GoT never existed because of s8

  5. Cast selection looks horrific. No way this is another game of thrones. Looks like a cheap British knock off, hope it fails.

  6. I am confused actually when the king mentioned he does not want to choose between his brother and daughter. I thought in the original story the conflict was between the daughter and her little brother

  7. They must have solid writers for this if they were willing to pour this much money on it. But I can't help but be doubtful.

  8. I wish these other platforms would just make the whole season available for stream binge watching. Every freakin Sunday lame.

  9. we could have had cool duncan and egg adventures. who am i kidding, they would have ruined it like they do everything else they adapt

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