1. They should appreciate bastards more… Probably the only reason they arent all a bunch of vedgeables with all their family relations.

  2. they should’ve just asked alicent what viserys said before he died. like recite it back verbatim 😂

  3. What a woke fail. A strong black man standing up for his House getting killed from behind so that an illegitimate white Heir can be placed on the seat of his ancestors, who survived the doom itself.

  4. Insulting Princess was his last crime.Daemon does not suffer humiliation for his love and ask for "tounge".I wish he has his dragon when lord Valaryon lost his head.Dracarys should come always if anyone questions heir to the iron throne.

  5. Viserys should’ve announced who sat on the iron throne at the dinner now there’s confusion with his last words

  6. Otto: "I'm just trying to stop a civil war"

    *starts a civil war, looks quite smug about it*

  7. Everything that's coming to happen is the King's fault. He could have said Jon Snow instead of Aegon. Moron 😅😂

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