1. Rhys is killing it as Otto Hightower! Just waiting for him to bring in Shane Falco to get Otto within field goal range of the Iron Throne :P.

  2. well, seems that Georgie has a things with weddings, should ask his wife wtf happen in theirs 🤭

  3. Rhaenys: "Knives will come out."
    Benoit Blanc: "I say, I say, I do declare that here we do have a sign of murder most foul."

  4. This is a show were I expect likable characters to die so that I don't get heart broken when they actually do.

  5. Otto Hightower's voice is lit.He acts boldly and in a calm manner.A way that always show he is in charge.He is power and he defines power.

  6. Why is Otto so obsessed with his grandson to rule as if he himself will be the one to ascend the throne.🙄

  7. I never thought some day I would stop watching GOT . but last night I did . this season has been a disaster and episode 4 was even worse !

  8. I gave up watching after episode 3, even the battle was meh, theres nothing new to shock us. Boring bs

  9. If you get invited to a Westerio's Wedding.. you should always bring some Valeryian steels and poison. Also identify all the exits and remember the nearest exist might be behind you.

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