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  1. Time traveller:
    -What is this year?
    -1915, sir.
    -Oh the World War 1.

  2. My great grand father fought in the great war as a volunteer for the french. According to my grandfather when he returned home he was appalled at the names they called the war. Nothing was great about there was no glory or dignity to be found in it. It was hell on earth, plain and simple. Not even the devil would dare claim a soul from the death pits they called trenches

  3. It was setup by the globalist banking elite, of course there wasnt going to be just one.

  4. Actually, I think it was called world war one before the second one. Can't remember the details

  5. BBC at its best folk, the great war was called great, but it was not that great … BBC do what you do the best, run propaganda against your former colonies.

  6. Lmao, she just said "it was called the great war but it wasn't great" no wtf, it literally is in the name. It was the war to end all wars, the biggest conflict, it was so great we are talking about it today. The only reason people remember WW2 is because of what Hitler did, if WW2 had no Hitler it wouldnt be anywhere near WW1 in our memories

  7. She has the comedy style of Leslie Nielsen! I'm surprised either of them was able to make it through this. I laughed my ass off πŸ˜‚

  8. She didn't thought of the 'Great' was the scale…
    She's quite focused to think the positive 'great' there.

  9. In high school, I had to do some research on the period between the 20th century wars and the reasons why a future historian could refer to a World War starting around 1914 and ending long after 1945 as the conflict changed instead of ending at 1918 and 1945. This is an interesting point of view.

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