His Dark Materials – Series 3 | Trailer – BBC

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⁣The extraordinary final chapter… His Dark Materials, coming to iPlayer this December.

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  1. After watching season 1 of this show, I was inspired to read the book series. And having finished all 3 prior to season 2 airing, it comes as no surprise that I have been eagerly awaiting the final season and adaptation of the final book. The trailer looks amazing, and I cannot wait for the new season to air in December.

  2. In years to come people will say this greatest series of TV series ever more than Game of thrones, The Walking Dead and or the off spin of series. His dark Materials series will be looked upon as the greatest series of all time ❤

  3. I want to see the Mulefa so much but I'm not looking forward to seeing Lyra and Will part when he closes the last rift.
    Only book to actually make me cry and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  4. Great teaser trailer !!! Thanks for delivering us the amazing trilogy of His Dark Materials !!! Season 3 aka "The Amber Spyglass" will be great with multidimensional new characters ( Angels , Gallivespians , Deaths , Harpies , Mulefa , Metatron ) & heartbreaking themes ( Betrayal , Fear , Loss , Love ).This is the final rebellion!!!Then, we ll build "The Republic Of Heaven"….Please HBO & BBC adapt "Book Of Dust" too !!! S4 (prequel) 8 episodes (Lyra baby , Malcolm 11 years old) , S5 (sequel) 10 episodes (Lyra 20 years old) , S6 (?) Well , Philip Pullman will have to enlighten us with Dust 😀

  5. Omg, omg, I can't wait! The Amber Spyglass was my favourite from the trilogy, so I hope HBO and BBC done it justice, and season 3 is going to be absolutely smashing! 🤞

  6. Obviously I am excited for season 3 but maybe they can stop having the seasons so far apart because I am now going to have to rewatch the previous seasons

  7. I’m really excited, but worried how tf they will do those chapters with the scientist and the…interesting, animals? I don’t want to spoil anything just in case 😂 anyone else who read the third book get me? I’ll be honest I had a very hard time imagining what was going on in those chapters 🤔

  8. I'm so hyped for this I loved the first two seasons so I cannot wait for this just annoying that I gotta wait till December 😪 but it gives me time to finish the 2nd and 3rd book!

  9. 1:51 "No turning back…"
    You can feel all the weight of their task crumbling over them both. About to change the fate of every different reality, the major fate of the entire universe. So excited!!!

  10. This is a wonderful adaptation. So underrated and deserves as much attention as the big series—GOT/HOTD, WOT, LOTR/TROP.

  11. when (redacted for spoilers) appears in the last few seconds …… g od 😭😭😭😭

  12. i was quite worried. considering the third book is so big, bold and beautiful . but this looks beautifully made. the angels, spectres and asriels republic, it all looks gorgeous. i can’t wait. this series hasn’t dissapointed, and stands beautiful with pullman’s trilogy

  13. After so many seasons, I'm so desperate to find out what does the telescope 🔭 do. From the movie and the first season it was all about the Golden Compass and everyone is so desperate to use it and to destroy the Golden Compass, and as for the second season it was all about the Subtle Knife and I didn't even know what that is all about and all this time I was really worried and scared that someone that we knew or care from this season will die by the Subtle Knife but no it was about how powerful and dangerous that Subtle Knife could be. And I had no idea that the Subtle Knife can be used for to travel to other universe's from the multiverse's, and right now since this 3rd season is finally coming I am so desperate and curious about the telescope 🔭 and what does it do? 🤔

  14. Therapist: “So, it’s been years since we’ve talked. What’s going on?”
    Me: “It’s that book I told you about. The one that hurt me as child. Well it’s a show now, and I think it’s planning on hurting me again….”

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