His Dark Materials Series 3 EXTENDED Trailer – BBC

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Hope will spark in darkness… The final chapter of His Dark Materials, coming to iPlayer this December

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  1. This is last season of dark materials And hope 8 episodes are Enough for satisfying ending and not a rushed ending

  2. I've never been more thrilled and moved by a tv adaptation than I have His Dark Materials, it is superb.

  3. When i read the 3rd book, i couldnt imagine how they would adapt it to the screen, there are so many bizarre characters and delicate moments, but this looks very good, i hope they do justice to the book!

  4. Considering that you’re making the U.K. either pay for HBO or wait at your leisure … that sucks.

  5. James McAvoy, my all time celeb crush. And an amazing actor and casting overall. And I've seen they've topped the special effects this season to come. Amazing trailer.

  6. I just want the team behind His Dark Materials to adapt the Mistborn trilogy already. Everything is so razer sharp.

  7. YASSS. So woke and "progressive".
    Wish this book series was properly adapted 10 years ago with a better cast .

  8. I can’t wait to finally see Metatron apparently he’s being played by the guy who played translucent in the boys which is pretty cool

  9. Given the downward spiral of Dr. who and other networks mistreating established stories it was very refreshing to see this series remain true, been looking forward to watching end of this series unlike who which was easily forgotten as the empty husk of what it once was.

  10. I've read this book twice already and to be honest I can't imagine some of the things in the book. This trailer made me so excited. OMG! ✨✨✨

  11. It looks like some parts weren’t in the book which I am exited for mainly the angles in those strange machines and asriels portal

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