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A comeback 30 years in the making, the hybrid live-action/CG animated action-comedy catches up with the former Disney Afternoon television stars in modern-day Los Angeles. “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” premieres May 20, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.

“Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” stars John Mulaney (“Saturday Night Live”) as Chip, Andy Samberg (“Palm Springs”) as Dale and KiKi Layne (“If Beale Street Could Talk”). Also joining the cast are Will Arnett (“Arrested Development”), Eric Bana (“Dirty John”), Flula Borg (“Pitch Perfect 2”), Dennis Haysbert (“24”), Keegan-Michael Key (“Schmigadoon!”), Tress MacNeille (“The Simpsons”), Tim Robinson (“I Think You Should Leave”), Seth Rogen (“Pam and Tommy”), J.K. Simmons (“Being the Ricardos”), Chris Parnell (“Saturday Night Live”). The film is directed by Akiva Schaffer (“Saturday Night Live”), written by Dan Gregor and Doug Mand (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) and is produced by Todd Lieberman (“Wonder”) and David Hoberman (“Beauty and the Beast”), with Alexander Young (“Extinction”) and Tom Peitzman serving as executive producers.

In “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers,” Chip and Dale are living amongst cartoons and humans in modern-day Los Angeles, but their lives are quite different now. It has been decades since their successful television series was canceled, and Chip (voice of Mulaney) has succumbed to a life of suburban domesticity as an insurance salesman. Dale (voice of Sandberg), meanwhile, has had CGI surgery and works the nostalgia convention circuit, desperate to relive his glory days. When a former cast mate mysteriously disappears, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and take on their Rescue Rangers detective personas once again to save their friend’s life.

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  1. why that firebird1971 is aware of the Japan dub he stupidly assumed that the pokemon anime and pokemon movies air in America and then follow by Japan and firebird1971 he does have his own you tube channel so you can correct him of his mistake Disney

  2. Maybe I'm in the minority now but I just watched it and didn't like it. It's definitely got some funny moments, and I enjoyed pointing out all the characters and references. But, overall, it was just kinda meh for me. Didn't like it all that much

  3. The thing that was great was that Disney XD aired all the episodes of the original Rescue Rangers. They should have done that with the DuckTales reboot, air every episode of the original series.

  4. Just watched it, liked it surprisingly. Even though Disney as a company may not be the best, you cannot be mad at their animation quality!

  5. blatant mansplaining by Chip! in the present disney wokeness he should be cancelled

  6. Does it bug anyone else that the supposed hand drawn animation style is actually CGI? I miss hand drawn animation….

  7. Good god, that cel-shaded CGI looks so bad… why Disney, WHY? Some of the characters in the movie ARE 2D animated – why couldn't THEY be as well? Makes it more confusing that Dale changes to be "3D" – he already was, it's just that this is CEL-SHADED!

  8. Gadget Hackwrench is my absolute favorite thing about the whole show. She's got an amazing I.Q, a great personality, and above all, she's an ABSOLUTE HEARTTHROB. She's beautiful. I will never go so far as to worshipping her, but I'm still "nuts" about her. 😍

  9. At first, i didnt like the idea of them having normal voices. But it turned out alrigjt

  10. You should put this movie on Digital and possibly on Blu Ray and DVD, cause this movie is the best.

  11. I've never watched Chip and Dale but I might give it a try after this

  12. i watched last night and I Love it ❤️🥰❤️🐿🐿 actually this everything i always want to see mine tire again that cartoon and real life together again like Roger Rabbit all over again even better this best movie 🍿 watch again and again Oh Yeah there definitely tons Disney Easter not just Disney there other cartoon other studios too

  13. I know is not good movie
    But crossover and cameos are good 👍👍

    Disney need to fix chip n dale and the rescue rangers animation
    Like 2D animation like
    Darkwing duck and other 2D animation characters
    Get rid of CGI dale because look bad
    Chip and Dale voices must be fix just like the original

  14. Can't wait for youtubers to breakdown all the cameos on this one. There are loads that I recognized but I'm sure there are plenty more I missed.

  15. You guys went cheap on this film sucked. And change chip and Dale voice. 🤦

  16. Can you make chip n dale rescue rangers movie 2. Like more new characters dark wing duck and floogals captain flokka first officer flanna and junior floogal floober and star darlings and smg4 blue plumber that would be great for the 2nd one

  17. THAT take place atfer me and jacob goes to York Chester and the endgame

  18. Tough to pull off that style of not really a fan of it although its nice to Disney making some CG again.

  19. This movie was just fun. It was so much fun to see so many different characters from so many different companies. It really felt like Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  20. I'm overjoyed Tress McNeil is voicing Gadget. I hope this isn't the only scene she's in

  21. My guess is that this is years after Roger Rabbit, and the Dip had since been made extremely illegal to own or purchase (Sweet Pete had a small bottle of the Dip in one scene, presumably after members of his gang recovered it from Judge Doom’s remains)

  22. It's funny because Rescue Rangers wasn't canceled, it just ended. Disney gave the show a set number of episodes from the beginning

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