HELLRAISER Trailer (2022)

HELLRAISER Trailer (2022)
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  1. How creative to just rewrite a cheractor… Astonishing brilliance lol. Not like there are other females cenabites that are wicked cool and need a movie of their own or Evan creating a whole new cheractor… Not e will just take the lazy road and rewrite this one in to a female….. Is there no real creative ideas left in Hollywood???

  2. This looks like absolute garbage. Why does everything look so dark, dreary and depressing? The faces of the actors are barely visible. The greatness of the original movie was the low budget look and feeling of it.

  3. Based on what little I see here it would seem they got rid of the heaven & hell theme and went back to the Leviathan and extra-dimensional creatures.

  4. Doesn't feel right without that deep, dark, sinister voice (that digital voice was not it). I do hope they focus more on introducing a lot of cenobites, and not just retell the story in a new way. The Hellraiser lore is huge! If they play off multiple books, this could be truly scary.

  5. This looks so stupid. Clive Barker directed the original movie himself and chose Doug Bradley to play the role of pinhead for a reason. So everyone saying that this is better casting is full of shit.

  6. Hope Clive Barker does a Nightbreed reimagining. That would be good for this generation. It didn't get the praise that it deserves.

  7. RE MAKES AND TAKES ARE SOOOOO DISSAPOINTING NOWADAYS…. Ill skipp this one without a beat…..

  8. Let's see if we make the bad guy look like Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone we sell a few tickets,……………………..NOT!

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