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Unlock your fears 🔓#Hellraiser is coming to Hulu Oct 7.

A Hulu Original, in association with Spyglass Media Group, the film reunites Director David Bruckner, Screenwriters Ben Collins & Luke Piotrowski, Writer/Producer David S. Goyer and Producer Keith Levine, all of whom were teamed on 2020’s “The Night House,” along with Producers Clive Barker and Marc Toberoff and Executive Producers Gary Barber, Peter Oillataguerre and Todd Williams. Chris Stone serves as co-producer.

In “Hellraiser,” a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.

The ensemble cast includes Odessa A’zion (“Fam,” “Grand Army”), Jamie Clayton (“The L Word: Generation Q,” “Sense8”), Adam Faison (“Everything’s Gonna Be Okay,” “Yes Day”), Drew Starkey (“Outer Banks,” “The Devil All the Time”), Brandon Flynn (“Ratched,” “13 Reasons Why”), Aoife Hinds (“The Long Call,” “Normal People”), Jason Liles (“Stereoscope,” “Rampage”), Yinka Olorunnife (“The Transporter”), Selina Lo (“Boss Level,” “Q8 Unleashed”), Zachary Hing (“Halo”), Kit Clarke (“Leonardo”), with Goran Visnjic (“The Boys,” “Timeless”) and Hiam Abbass (“Succession,” “Blade Runner 2049”).

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  1. What's the pointless of bring back and Re-booting Hellraiser…. Just junk films nowadays with no imagination 😝👎

  2. I'm aware that the female pinhead is present in the original novella but I'm still gonna miss OG Pinhead from the movies. I'm really looking forward to this and hoping that they'll do the story and cenobites justice. I guess since Clive Barker will be involved I won't worry as much. (If I'm wrong about that please correct me).

  3. There are some movies that should not be remade.
    So I will just pass. Original Pinhead was better in my opinion.

  4. The fact they're staying true to the source material is already rubbing fans the right way. I hope you don't skimp on blood.🍷

  5. I love how the very opening has that classic Hellraiser music, even if only for 2 seconds. This also looks much better than I was expecting.

  6. Nothing beats the first, and maybe second..
    This woke bs and disney belief is getting out of hand. These companies are making a joke out of nations playing the "feel sorry" act when all humans are capable..

    I bet a rainbow vision will be introduced..
    To hell with hell raiser. Pinhead was a man with a story

  7. Please tell me there’s more about leviathan and it’s origins and reasons for its existence in the first place. Cause the last ten movies didn’t tell us much about it.

  8. Well the good news is that Clive Barker wrote this script, with some additions from other writers. We'll just have to see if they can deliver…

  9. Never watched hellraiser, unfortunately it never interest me.. now seeing a trailer to this I’m interested gotta watch the OG’s first tho !

  10. I don't have fears "hellraiser" but I can take you from behind along with your marshmallow chains AHAHAHAHAH

  11. Why in the world did they race swap pinhead😡🤬
    Pinhead is a Male and There is absalutly no reason to Race swap.
    This woke Culture is destroying everything i Grew up with as a kid.
    Disgusting woke Culture i Hope you get erased quick for the Love of god

  12. I have my worries knowing how many Hellraiser sequels in the past turned out to be, but I'll give it a chance. So far this looks interesting.

  13. Come on. Do NOT drag Hellraiser into the woke BS. Pinhead is a MAN, don't try to change genders.

  14. PSA Before you take your last breath you must be born again (John 3:3), eternity awaits and you'll either go to Heaven with Jesus Christ or go to hell. Call on the Lord and be saved.

  15. That Lament Configuration design is so sick. I would love to see them all and how many of them are fully practical puzzle boxes. Also the cenobites look and sound fantastic even in movement. I can’t wait.

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