1. Eh idk how to feel with this one. Like the point of Pinhead is to feel androgynous, and while I do get a little bit of that off of this new girl it just doesn't quite fit.

  2. LOVE the hint of the classic theme in the music. This looks like hell. But if I opened the box my one wish would be to make this a theatrical release.

  3. In the original, and the sequel the main villain to me is Julia. I do appreciate the cenobites and Frank but Julia is much more terrifying and has the scariest underlying motives as she's not a demon or a straight up bad guy but she's a woman on the edge and will do anything to get what she wants. I wonder if a similar human character will be the main villain here !

  4. Dear sequel makers, see how it wasn't hard to at least make it look good?

  5. Soon we gonna have more Iconic male horror figures magically become female. Michelle Myers, Janet Vorhees, Fredricka Krueger. I am dripping with excitment.

  6. Fucking feminism has raped this 1 too.fucking bitch as pinhead fuck you hollywood

  7. With the horrible string of woke movies lately produced from streaming services, I honestly thought this would be another huge let down like Prey, but this looks actually very good. I knew just from the Prey trailer it was woke garbage, and I was correct. 99lb girl killing a Predator….please. This looks very promising and they may have just pulled off an awesome reboot unlike Predator.

  8. I'll watch it. But I refuse to refer to this version of the character as anything other than "Pinhead, jr."

  9. Yes Bad Beautiful Hellraiser in List From Cinema?! Hey! Yessssssss! 😳😳😳😄😄😄😄😏👍👍👍👌

  10. Would you just STOP with these remakes for f*ck's sake! Create your OWN original films! Or have you so little imagination? Then go get a different job!

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