1. I hate to say this but i liked this more than the OG. I know that this not a reboot and spin off rather but cmon! confirm a sequel already!

  2. DanaπŸ†π—™**π—–π—ž Me! Check π— π˜† 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗢leπŸ’‹ says:

    I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this reboot. I absolutely love the first two films so I was skeptical before watching it. You can tell they put a lot of effort and passion into this project. I love the new cenobite designs. Honestly, this could very well be one of the best horror remakes of the past 20 years! I really hope we get a sequel to this.

  3. I saw 1 and 2 in the theaters in Los Angeles when it came out. This new one is very good and is a fit to be the real 3rd edition.

  4. It was flawless, and the hell priest is chilling (even when she had a slight smile and looked like a happy cat in the gift exchange scene). Couldn't be better IMO, I hope they cast the same folks to do more movies. Jamie Clayton's performance is classic, a giant. Hopefully she liked it and accepts more roles like that in different horror movies. The gaze and the voice was on top.

  5. 00:26 I'm so relieved that they finally fixed this because this always stopped me from enjoying a good horror film πŸ™„

  6. Amazing movie and total happy they used some of the origin music. Ties everything this to the first. I hope this becomes a DARK series. So many humans looking for power in ALL the wrong places!

  7. ngl, even tho they are unnecessarily bringing identity politics stuff into a horror movie, the cenobites still looks kinda sick and i love the "modern" look they have! i do wish the "skin" costumes were a little bit more gorey and realistic.

  8. the most important thing about the interdimensional murder demons is the diversity

  9. So good! Hulu is on a remake hits recently! 1st Prey was so good and now Hellraiser was so good! Loving Hulu lately! Also watched Fire Island & Huluween Drag Extravaganza, so good! Keep it coming Hulu!

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