1. Ιt actually looks more ae
    Awesome, grotesque and scary here than it did in the movie.

  2. Huh. Looks like her shoulders were different on the suit in this behind the scenes clip. Maybe they did a little cgi enhancements?

  3. I never thought anyone could compete with Doug, but wrong I was. This version is amazing+

  4. Amazing job as pinhead, hope more pain and pleasure awaits. Also hell yeah keep having metal in vids.

  5. The design was great but the coloring was very off. The prosthetics looked plastic ( this is due to the coloring) and the way the silicone is pictured up by the camera. Overall I love it but the makeups could have gone so much further. A job well done by the makeup team and im sure they know what im talking about. 😉

  6. Would love to watch this movie, however it appears to be only available on Hulu in the states. Why is not on international streaming or available to rent anywhere. So stupid!

  7. For how many movies that come out that you either watch once, or can't make it through, and you never give a second thought afterwards. This movie, have to say was awesome, great groundwork for hopefully building into another one, but either way, i'm on my second watch of it already.

  8. the movies okay. its entertaining but the purpose of the movie is literally nothing. basically these supernatural beings bring pain but they dont have any other purpose, & the reward at the end is only pain & theres no reward that actually given, so the movie was just pain without reward from beginning to end with no reason. i give it a 6.2/10.0. Everything in the movie besides the leave me hanging plot is Great & entertaining but the whole purpose from beginning to end is not there and your just left with emptiness with no reward feeling

  9. Loved the movie! I can't wait what they do next! Explore the Leviathan and show each of their powers. Have a family reunion and fight against the boss.

  10. I was blown away by this movie. Flawless in every way, just wish there was more of it.

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