HAUNTED CONNECTICUT Trailer (2022) Paranormal Documentary

HAUNTED CONNECTICUT Trailer (2022) Paranormal Documentary

PLOT: Documentary filmmaker Tony Cadwell teams up with an experienced paranormal investigator, Eric Vitale, to explore the most haunted locations in Connecticut and attempt to document proof that the supernatural exists. From Connecticut’s most haunted inn to the site of a shocking death, the team takes you inside these disturbing locations for a series of paranormal investigations. The evidence they capture is shocking. But does it prove that ghosts are real?

RELEASE DATE: October 11

CAST: Tony Cadwell, Eric Vitale

DIRECTOR: Tony Cadwell

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  1. Ummm…
    …There are two locations in EVERY town that are DEFINITELY NOT HAUNTED!
    And, if you have to ask why, you shouldn't be allowed to butter your own bread!
    Neither of these locations will ever be haunted because, by the time the bodies enter those locations, the people have already died somewhere else.
    So, if you believe a spirit is attached to the location of their death, then neither a funeral home or cemetery can ever be haunted!
    That's common sense!

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