Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sometimes the envelope pushes back. Hasan Minhaj’s new special, THE KING’S JESTER, drops on Netflix October 4th.


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Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hasan Minhaj shares his thoughts on fertility, fatherhood and freedom of speech in this follow-up to his award-winning comedy special “Homecoming King.”



  1. The best 60 minute one would spend on watching something on Netflix! This act is mind blowing!

    The bit about why he had named his first act on Netflix as “The Patriot Act” is quite powerful and soul touching!

  2. Damn! Hasan, you’re good! You made me laugh, cry, laugh again and cry again. How?!?! How?!?!

  3. I'm a huuuuuge (Trump 'huge') comedy fan, I watch comedy everyday.


  4. so overrated. where is the comic angle? I think second generations have the problem of misfitting on either side 🙁

  5. This special was sick + sincerely pray Patriot Act makes a comeback, though at whatever limits Hasan & his household fam is comfortable with 🙏🏽🤝🏽❣️

  6. Glad to see you back Hasan Minhaj. And yes, Starbucks should name it to "Tea tea" instead of "Chai Tea". But I'm not sure if it'll sit well with most of the baristas, especially female baristas and this might offend them. Imagine ordering this beverage.
    Barista: What would you like today?
    Customer: Can I get a 'tall tea tea'? You no what make it a 'Grande tea tea'. I think I'll go with the 'Venti tea tea' 🤣😅😂✌️🙏

  7. As The King's Jester, Hasan Minhaj is in magisterial command. A comedian pushing the envelope is one thing. But Minhaj shakes down the zeitgeist shared by the liberal and conservative status quo. George Carlin's spirit may rest easier knowing the next generation is in safe hands.

  8. Just finished watching the show, and it’s so powerful. Hasan, now I can say you’re ‘brrrreathtaking’ 😂😂.

  9. I don’t like the new deep voice Hasan does so the special was okay to me. Some great moments and other moments where it felt he was playing a parody of himself. Hope the next one is better and less performative!

  10. Hassan should be the next host of Daily shows. Dude is a “comedian and Journalist “ all in one. Bloody fearless, the voice of generation

  11. Great show! Camerawork was Gr8 too. Doing a show anytime soon in Singapore? Wld love to see him live

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