Harry and Meghan Episode 1 Recap: 5 Lies They Told On Netflix

Let’s break this episode down which exposes how Harry and Meghan met and more importantly, how Meghan played on a traumatized man’s life by cosplaying as his mother, Princess Diana… this was a big PR bandaid and it failed.

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Video Chapters:
0:00 – intro
0:38 – how meghan got harry … her tricks
6:16 – collecting evidence
6:31 – shading william & kate?
7:56 – childhood paparazzi, yes… not now tho!
13:13 – fives lies they told on Netflix

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  1. When you over read into someone’s words you can always find things to talked about and challenge. It’s human nature to find problems

  2. I think that yachting story is true but they couldn't tell it so they keep changing story of how they met,

  3. you can bet she has divorce footage – him drinking, doing drugs, being aggresive, maybe even saying some racist things she ignored at the time because she will use it for divorce battle, wonder if she will start divorce before coronation to try get attention from coronation,

  4. those couple of months they said they had for "themselves" before she met his family – she was busy training him like a dog, I think they are both using each other but he is also whipped by her, they will end up like Andrew and Fergie – divorced but she will be coming back for more money and press attention

  5. I love them together and I completely understand where Meghan is coming from. I wish people would just let them live. My favorite part of the documentary was her curtsy 😂😂 it was so cute because she was adorably clueless on how to do it😂😂 I like her personality ❤️❤️

  6. Harry is not a victim.

    He wanted Megs because she would go up against his family. He feels slighted. One can see the jealousy through his words and actions. Megs is his revenge.

    They both use each other honestly.

  7. Two things can be true.

    Harry uses his trauma because it feeds him. It allows him to be a victim that others must make allowances for. Never had to really grow up.

    Meg uses his trauma to trigger him to get her way.

    Further, Harry has exposed himself as a spoiled selfish bratty jealous troll.

  8. Harry though does use his trauma to get out of trouble.
    They are both using his trauma. Harry is spoiled bratty jealous who feeds his trauma to justify himself.

  9. She is a actress dosnt mind being in front of the camera mind Harry spent his life trying to avoid the thing how dos that work well I think hary gose with the flow he clearly loves his wife wants to keep meghen happy so in order for it to work she likes the camara he dosnt so yea spend ten minits now and agean in front of it with meghen she will be OK with it and it's hard for him to do it but we'll just dos it so it works

  10. How about we just let them "live", they don't want to live the life Diana did, they seem to want to raise their children quietly and peacefully. People are bloodhounds and just think if it was you who had paparazzi stuffed down your throat, reporting on lies and whatever they choose to say.

  11. Thank you for putting words to all of our thoughts since this couple’s engagement interview. 👏

  12. Why don’t you live them alone and stop to judge them !!! They didn’t kill anyone or did a bankruptcy to lose the money of thousands of people. What crime they did ? Just focus on your own life 😊

  13. Stop demonising the self made confident girl who has a voice and portraying as if harry was some sort of innocent guy just because he is rich and a royalty.

  14. MeAgain Narcle works for Satan.
    Satan wants to de-throne the stone of destiny, line of David, tribe of Judah throne of Jesus.
    The line of David, tribe of Judah was infiltrated back at Solomon.
    Great video 💟

  15. i laugh my but off when she said that she dont know who is prince haz/harry 😄😂Girl!..Im from the thrid world country,i was 14 yr old when diana died( her funeral was broadcast all over the world )we dont have tv but I knew about her and who her kids.What a twigly legs LIAR !🤣

  16. Sad thing is, if Meghan and Harry break up or anything was to happen to them, two beautiful kids are going to be traumatized for the rest of their lives.. all for what? So you can get YouTube views… please anyone watch the docuseries… everything they said is supported by their friends and family, including how they met, their engagement, wedding, fallout from London e.t.c every detail is corroborated. I just finished watching myself!

  17. Lol you lost me when you said Meghan plotted to meet and date and marry Harry. Stop joking friend! She had a life, friends and everything before Harry.. thank God for this docuseries and we get to see how they truly met, with receipts and time stamps and text messages and photos from friends

  18. Their recordings from before 2020 or before are normal recordings you would send to your partner/boyfriend… i don't find anything wrong with that.. also, given what they were going through they could have wanted to record it for a time in future when it would all have been over and they would look back at everything.. they couldn't go to therapy while they were members of the royal family..this was their best option

  19. Sympathize with your kidnapper 😅😂😂 soo true . I feel sorry for Mr. H
    I wish him to come out of her black magic and be back with his family .. I am sure even Diana would have wanted the same .

  20. A lot of the media savvy seems pretty bizarre…but the royals live strange public lives. They have to play the game. Meghan's from Hollywood and she understands that game to an extent. I don't think it makes her evil. Just weird like the rest of us since social media invaded our lives…on steroids.

  21. Do not watch H and M criticize and complain. It is seriously bad for your health to ruminate over anger and negativity in your own head let alone listening to someone else’s unresolved anger. It’s stressful which is bad for your heart health.

  22. This is great, thanks.
    What I really want to find somewhere is a compilation of clips of all the contradictory claims side by side.
    There is excellent analytical work going on, but apart from the fact it would be hilarious, I would love to have something I can share with friends who haven’t been following events and wonder why Mrs Spare have such a hard time in the press.
    A friend asked me to put it in bullet points. I don’t have a piece of paper long enough…

  23. Play him for what. She had a career and a good life. Why would she go after him knowing they will leave the family and have their own life? I cant see anything she gets from being with him except for love and a good life together.

  24. I think they are a couple who loves each other and who wants a happy life together and thats all. Like they are happy and so what.

  25. "how easily Megan can lie, when there's so much evidence against her!"

    She's such a narcissist! Not to mention during the first couple episodes (haven't watched the rest of them) I feel so bad for those children! They are such beautiful babies! I hope she doesn't destroy their childhood!
    Harry!! Get your head out of your butt!

  26. This is incredible. Ty I KNEW she was full of it. My past toxic relationships radar was going wild

  27. It’s wild bc barely anyone cares about them yet now they’ve convinced a bunch of people to dislike their annoying whining. I love how rich privileged supposedly happy people cry about their lives. This is so incredibly out of touch.

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