Hard Time: The Premonition | FULL MOVIE | 1999 | Action, Thriller | Burt Reynolds

The sequel to the movie, Hard Time. A serial bomber terrorizes a city, leaving no clues in his terrifying wake and a veteran police officer investigates the cops only witness: a notorious convicted murderer imprisoned on death row who claims to be having dreams that foretell the future.

Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning, Michael Buie, Gigi Rice, Bruce Dern, Pepper Sweeney, Michael Deluise

Directed by David S. Cass Sr.


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  1. hard time the premonition is a good seguel to hard time burt reynolds was a great actor and a great person gigi rice is a great actress and a very attractive woman

  2. Loved Bruce Dern over the years; he always plays some kinda weirdo bad guy and fits those roles so well…he is a very cool actor and Burt was very good as well. As for dating younger women; I'm 68 1/2 and seeing a hot 45 year old; she is so fine and hot ! I love her !

  3. i like this series thank you it Burt Reynolds in the scene with Roscoe Lee Browne was Moving I always liked listening to Roscoe Lee Browne's voice a great actor he was in anything

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