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Check out an official Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer starring Jamie Lee Curtis! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 15, 2021
Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Anthony Michael Hall, Judy Greer
Directed By: David Gordon Green
Synopsis: Unstoppable killer Michael Myers pursues Laurie Strode and her family.
#HalloweenKills #JamieLeeCurtis

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  1. that scene at 0:25 where Laurie shouts "Michael!!!" is actually a pretty sad scene. I've read the script and I'm just giving a hint to that scene.

  2. I think technically it’s this Halloween, not the next Halloween, or else it would be coming out in 2022. Nevertheless, predators are everywhere, even in your own home, even whom you may trust, & we should definitely bring light to this issue before it’s too late.

  3. Something tells me 0:00 to 0:17 is the ending since Laurie is saying “next halloween” and we know this movie is the same night as 2018’s film along with the face we know Karen rips off his mask and his mask is laying in the middle of the street in this trailer. I guarantee this is the ending scene.

  4. I really just want to see ANTLERS bad! It really has the potential to be a scary movie and how many good Wendigo movies do we get.

  5. I'm probably alone in this..the first Halloween was my favorite movie as a child the greatest thrill for me being scared was knowing it's possible..not a monster but a man as a monster. Having said that I want to see him die I would like to see him finally destroyed.. in a wood chipper would seem permanent. But can't wait to see this one!

  6. I really REALLY want to watch it now not only because its a new Halloween Movie but also because Lindsey , Tommy , Sheriff Brackett and the Nurse from 1978 its soo awesome that they are gonna be in this movie ! And Halloween Ends too !

  7. i don't understand how does a man in his 60s withstand a car crash, multiple stab wounds, a gun shot, a large fall and a literal fire. like how

  8. Film's writers: "We want Michael to be a normal human! It's scarier that way!"

    Also film's writers: "Let's have Michael casually shrug off an endless stream of stabbings, shootings, beatings and burnings"

  9. I don't care what anyone says: To me, Laurie will always be Michael Myers' little sister (it gives them more of a connection than her simply being 'the one that got away').

  10. Oh SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPP… it's MY BOYYYYYYYYYEEEE……let me tell these fools who think they are going to write this final movie and end the franchise:
    you can't kill the Boogeyman. JS

  11. 2021 horror fils
    A Quiet place ii
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Jeepers creepers Reborn
    Don’t breathe 2
    Spiral from the book of Saw
    Orphan Fist Kills
    The Forever Purge
    I know what you did last Summer
    Child’s play Tv Series
    The Conjuring the Devil made me Do it