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  1. I kinda hated this after a while. The main actress sat in a corridor for 5 minutes, then walked in to a random room and had full conversations with random people instead of looking for her daughter.

  2. These zombies literally move slower than snails. You just have to walk fast down the hall over the bodies to escape. The zombies in World War Z were a force to be reckoned with but Another 28 Days/Weeks Later movies still hold first place in my mind. Mainly because they really don't give a definitive explanation as to what or why or how, just that IT IS a way of life now, and it might have started in some science lab with monkeys. Didn't everything? Cancer, AIDS, COVID. Adapt or become one was the whole premise. Even World War Z tries to break it down so we understand WHY it is happening and then desperately search for a cure for a sense of control, all the while holding onto lollipops and rainbows over families and friends sticking together. Let's face it people. If that crap really happened, I can't think of many people that would have answers. Do you know a virologist? I know they exist, but I don't know one personally. The breakdown of civilization would run a close race with the zombies, neck in neck until they both destroy everything in their path. Which is why 28 Days remains the quintessential zombie film, even over Romero's Land/Day/Night/Week of the Dead stuff. It wasn't hokey and campy or just for shock thrills. Between the cinematography, the musical score and the lack of ANY explanation whatsoever or cure possibilities married with the isolation, it holds first place still in my heart. This hallway movie just doesn't have it in my opinion. Me? I would stay in my room. Order room service and kick out infected friends and family. Come on now, if they are goners, why endanger healthy survivors. I am not a doctor or a marine or a virologist, so how am I gonna save the day? I'M NOT.. So many stupid reactions that people have to such circumstances blows me away. Throughout history, some of the most apocalyptic, life threatening situations just happened. We didn't have a countdown calendar to stuff. You think the dinosaurs had Morgan Freeman whispering in their ears about existence carrying on before the asteroid hit? Nope. Just happened. 28 Days, it JUST happened. There were no answers. Searching for one was moot. That was the uneasy fear it created and most realistic. Basically survival thru 'WTF'.

  3. Don't waste your time. They rent a hotel and a virus broke out. She just went through the hall way and see people dying and save her daughter. The end.

  4. Thought it might turn out to be a zombie film but not really. No one dies and comes back to life with a healthy appetite. That one guy did kill the pregnant Japanese girl who just couldn't stop holding her stomach which is annoying but he wasn't dead yet.

  5. At least this was true to life. That bytch rushes from hotel and tells no one that there are dead and infectious people upstairs and a health emergency. Just says "you all need to leave" and nothing else. Nobody really cares.

  6. This movie was bad. 1.5/10 🤮🤦‍♂️

    Please fire Rotten Tomatoes for labeling this garbage an 80% 🙄🙄

  7. Dumbest zombie movie ever. Literally sooooo sloooow. The main actress is horrible actress. Stares in the hallway for 30 minutes doing nothing while her daughter is waiting for her by the door. Then she finally looks for her and takes another 30 minutes to get to car. The end

  8. I hate this movie with a passion! How the hell you left your daughter for that long?!!! No cell phone?!!! Oooooweeeee it’s a 2020 film but gives you the feeling of an old ass 1950 horror film. No let me take that back cus old horror movies scares me more smdh good acting tho

  9. NOT a zombie film, just killer virus flick. Good premise but the fad of portraying the poor, suffering female & evil, abusive + weak male image is OLD. Detailing FX is nice, challenge of a set location of limited space is good. A slow flick that drags. Minimum gore, suspense. Bad casting: blonde daughter – parents dark haired. Director has foot fetish. SKIP THIS.

  10. Got a chance to watch this finally and it was not worth the wait! The plot is more horribly thought out than Bruce jenners sex change, pacing is jumpier than three Haitians crossing the rio grande and the acting is about has believable as nancy pelosis teeth. If your looking for a zombie movie thats got the same appeal as a busted condom on a hot San Francisco date then this is for you

  11. 79 min movie and i made it to the half hour mark. Nothing is happening!! Waste of time, and movie. I' am going to shut it off.

  12. I wasted 1 and 19 mins, this movie was trash. It wasn't at least scary just plain even Willys wonderland had a better story.

  13. Highly spoiler alert:

    After watching this movie I become more cluess it start just as virus and too ages to get sick ? And how does the outbreak come and at the end was it a baby zombie or something I'm so clueless