Haitians Protest Economic Crisis & Gang Violence, Demand U.S. Stay Out and Allow Domestic Solution

Protests are growing in Port-au-Prince as thousands fill the streets to demand the U.S.-backed Prime Minister Ariel Henry resign after he announced he would raise fuel prices amid an already dire humanitarian crisis. Countries including the U.S. and Canada have sent military equipment to assist the Haitian police in cracking down on the unrest, and the U.S. has been pushing the United Nations Security Council to authorize a security mission, spurring more protests against foreign intervention. “We are seeing people really protesting on the street for the right to [a] sovereign solution to the issues that are happening, and they are saying ‘no’ to an armed invasion from the international community,” says Guerline Jozef, executive director of the Haitian Bridge Alliance.

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  1. What is going on in Haiti what is in Haiti that warrant America and the United nations attention it doesn't make sense what does Hank mean produce that is so valuable that America wants control of that country. Is it land precious metals economic exploitation what.

  2. Democracy is a lie, democracy is a bogus term to trick you, democracy is an imperialist term of maintaining power

  3. They came in here in 1915 to pillage our natural resources and keep Haitians in extreme poverty, Haiti and our mother land Africa are the countries that got United states, Canada and Europe in the level of greatness, shame on you, we natural resources in Haiti, we no trust in devil, they come here all the time to pillage, Haiti and Africa make you great, shame on you, what goes around comes around

  4. The western media are the masters of disinformations, they are the disinformation pro, we know you, we don't trust you, we're tired of your lies, you're fake, we don't believe your fake smile anymore , we trust no news come from the international community, you're bunch of liars

  5. It is a necessary military intervention, to restore order and reimplement the government which will need protection, and to have corridors to reopen to help the truly vulnerable and ill persons

  6. Same thing as Guatemala 🇬🇹, Cuba 🇨🇺, Haiti 🇭🇹, Argentina 🇦🇷 Venezuela 🇻🇪 and Bolivia 🇧🇴 and USA 🇺🇸 are corrupt countries governments.

  7. I watch from labadee Beach Haiti, all gangs stuff, it's all lies, the international community leech off our national resources, the international community fail Haitians, we don't they don't love us, why they wanna help us, the international community puts in this chaos, they wanna help? Haha, it's a game, Haitians are not stupid

  8. Sure! Let’s all stay out! They have roving, armed gangs, a Cholera outbreak,& an impending collapse of the government & country! Sure, blame it on “outside sources”! Sounds like the Ayatollah! The most amusing interview in a while Amy!

  9. Problem is nobody wanted to be Haiti ally because of the fear of sanctions famine droughts and civil wars created by UN hitmen Aka USA.

  10. Let em do their thing, they don't want help….its called attrition until they work things out……

  11. Unholy capitalism may take very different shapes according to circumstances, but in the bigger scheme of politics, it is considered to be an uncaring system for its own sake, only striving to always gain selfishly the prize of serfdom. And the reason that 'capitalism' is such a popular system is because 'gluttonous' is so hard for politicians to detach themselves from. So no sons of Dessalines should pretend to be an honest politicians with impeccable integrity. Only morons and charlatans will hoist such a red flag.

  12. How long will it take for people to know the truth.The Clinton family has alot of influence in Haiti just like the Bidens in Ukrain becouse they have companies and stock shares in their economy.This places have been constantly robbed and expoited of their natural resources by these typs of families for decades.Please make a report on both families and their fiancial ties the should be shared with out sensor.

  13. Been putting their noses in Uganda, Libya, Iraq, Taiwan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bosnia, Asi an countries, Central America …the list just goes on and on… without even the consent of the people elected them but the pretext fabricated in the name of free trade, freedom and democracy…such a disgusting picture definitely recognized throughout the world. When would they start to stop and look at themselves in the mirror… 🤔 It's a relief to have big nations like Russia, China, India, Brazil, etcetera … otherwise they'd be kicking away like nobody's business.

  14. There is the answer send in American gang bangers to settle the gang-banging situation in Haiti. Who really believes this? The people stand up against the government and its gang bangers. Well here comes the American gang bangers to a local revolution near you.


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