Haiti Update: Gangs Rule Much of Capital Amid Protests over Fuel Costs, Calls for PM to Resign

Mass protests in Haiti are condemning rising fuel prices and demanding the resignation of the U.S.-backed Prime Minister Ariel Henry. For nearly two months, street protests likened to a civil war have rocked the island nation’s capital Port-au-Prince after the government announced it would raise heavily subsidized fuel prices. We speak to Haitian activist Vélina Élysée Charlier about rising gang violence and how criminal groups are supported by the government. “There is a mafia that is ruling this country, and that mafia doesn’t want to face justice,” says Charlier.

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  1. I was invited to spend a summer in Haiti in early 70's. I passed. Doesnt look like it's gotten any better since…

  2. the locals looting no matter the cause in their heavenly realm. from eating mud pies to eating mud pies

  3. it's insane how close the Haiti is to the USA, along with Puetro Rico, seems a bit racist to help from afar

  4. May God have mercy upon you haiti, l have a word from God for you love one another, forgive one another, reconcile with one another and have peace with all men, love is power., l pray God feel your hearts with His love and bring abundance peace, violence does not solve problems but only make problems worse, l love you let john 14:27 bless you greatly

  5. Haitian youth still have real ties and bonds with their parents. They have empathy for their parent’s everyday struggle to survive, bring bread to the table, work long days and hours for less than what it cost to buy milk, eggs, coffee. This social connection in the family is something entirely absent in American culture and youth who break off and even murder their parents nor care to identify or feel empathy for their struggles. Youth acting as a mass are far more higher functioning than youth i isolation and alienated from society and family, —waisting their lives away. The family in Haiti is still intact not shattered as it is the US. Kids form gangs to steal from society that robs them of their future and youth. Kids in America do not form gangs to express their rage. Instead they individually plot mass assassination events and annihilate themselves in the process as a way to get back at life controlling, cheating them.

  6. What, short of invasion and occupation, will set Haiti on a better road? If Haitians are ruling Haitians, what should outside countries do? The Dominican Republic is right next door. Maybe follow their example.

  7. Why don't Haitians use voodoo to also take down their oppressors nothing seems to to be improving . This is just ridiculous how can things improve with so much interference

  8. Of course any headline about the situation in Haiti has to include the word "Gangs." This sort of unconscious ideological lockstep with standard white-supremacist western media tropes is a reminder of why I barely ever watch this channel anymore.

  9. That's what the united states like to see in Haiti any good President we have in Haiti united states France Canada don't like it but the one that works for them the love it

  10. All these problems are caused by capitalism, they give all the money to a few rich people!
    Equality means equal wealth worldwide! We need it ASAP! Billions are starving to death!
    USA has been violently forcing all attempts at an alternative system to capitalism to fail
    And has killed millions of people worldwide doing it. See ROGUE STATE BY WM BLUM.

  11. Look up "Indigo Traveler" and his latest videos which show the on the ground perspective of Haiti's reality.

  12. So WHY was President Joe Biden sending these people back to suffer??? Where is the sympathy for these NEGROES, like there is for Ukraine..And if the government is American backed, WHY ISNT AMERICA HELPING Alleviate the SHORTAGES and help end this suffering?? We are giving TRILLIONS TO UKRAINE but where is equal brotherly love for OUR NEIGHBOR, THE HAITIAN PEOPLE???😡

  13. What you are seeing is the population versus the USA back government which doesn't do a damn thing for the betterment of Hayti and it's people.

  14. This is not as your headline. Describes
    This is an anti-imperial anti American domination protest.

  15. The UN is fuel to the problem in Haiti. They beed to get out now and Reparation to the people. The mafia include the U.S, Canada, France. Those ambassy need to close for the time being.

  16. My mom is from Haïti and it's just heart breaking to see my mom country dying and the worse is we can't visit the country becuse is too dangerous…. 😞💔

  17. Where is the UN? Where are the sanctions against the US for backing up this regime?

    Where is the condemnation of US destruction on Haiti?

  18. Velina told you the UN brought in people to transmit Cholera as well as assault Haitian women and children. Did you hear that part, ma'am? Much like the Biden's administration, individuals from the UN purport to help the the Haitians but do the opposite. Like so many decades ago, under Duvalier, Sr; the US wants involvement because of the island's proximity to Cuba. They have no true concern for those people. We remember what happened in TX.

  19. Maga" ahls , machine owners..(stuff you buy* from) enslave Haitians in sweat shops (literally,) in FL.. you tell me…

  20. Catholic way/ failed.. root issue " influence. * Corruption. Dominionism. Mixed w toxic male accelerationism…IMHO

    If cannabis was legal
    ..less would be like that..

  21. A minute of silence for all the unfortunates who were born in Haitikistan.😔🇭🇹

  22. Man, the slave trade really did the Western Hemisphere no favors at all. That whole country looks beyond saving more and more every year, and absolutely not a single government cares about their fate because they're black. Just ask Ukraine and how much aid they've received since that geopolitical cluster-fuck began.

  23. Watch Indigo Travelers on-going series on Haiti if you want to get a up and close feel for whats going on, its a brilliant channel.

  24. Redhats, if it's confusion that you wish for then
    go and fight for vodkaczar. It'd be easy to spot
    you with that dumb redhat.

  25. How hypocritical of you guys talking about cholera. For a country acording to many have nothing to offer to the world and yet the US, France and Canada refuse to let us govern ourselves. the gangs were financed by the west to destabbilise the country so they can support a crook in charge along with the oligarchs so that they can come and goes as they please to steal our resources. And the fact you refering the assassination of the President (NOT prime minister) show that you have no clue of what you are talking about and doing the same work that you guys been for yerars.

  26. wtf why is nobody asking what happened to the assassins that murdered their president? The president was assassinated with impunity 😡😡😡

  27. Haiti for years has been fighting and struggling corruption and gangs and violence all I can say is pray for them

  28. jeez I really wonder what is going to happen in Haiti. Velissa Elyssee Charlier really paints a bleak picture. The people seemed determined though. there is hope and strength for justice

  29. Well I have a word for the young lady from we are watching you speak to Amy about your country being a mafia state and your on American media news flash my dear the United States is a even bigger mafia state in fact the biggest and the Don’s and consiglieri are the federal government and your state governor and the so called police are in fact the button men and are all part of the white mafia running this country and the only fight here is which of the fifty consiglieri move’s up to the position of don every four years

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