Going up against the sheep that smacked me in the nuts and made me go viral – BBC

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When a BBC cameraman got smacked in the nuts by a rare Cameroon sheep, he never expected to go viral and become an online star. Revisiting the scene of the crime, our cameraman tries to give a peace offering to the goat that started it all…

Animal Park | Christmas Special | BBC

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  1. Is it just me or do the two women here sound very patronising, even condecending to Mark?

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  3. "One of the rarest sheep in the world. We also castrated him". – I wanted in on the action.

  4. Well, wasn't really a internet sensation now, was it. 1.7million are rookie numbers in terms of YouTube views

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  6. I'm aware thanks to my subscription to the channel. Poor man! Being female, I can only imagine what that was like. Really fun that he returned; definitely worth a watch!

  7. Minute 0:34
    Now showing on BBC:
    "Ow! My Balls"
    Show from the movie:
    To the hate comments:
    If we can show Jackass on MTV over here, and have many movies about it.
    Anything goes.. I guess.
    Love from 💕
    Mish Again
    * USA
    * Getting hands off our junk since 2012! 😁👍

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