GLASS ONION Trailer 2 (2022) Knives Out 2

GLASS ONION: A KNIVES OUT MYSTERY Trailer (2022) Knives Out 2 Trailer, Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista, Edward Norton
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  1. "People know me as Bond, should i grow a beard or wear my hair different?" "Errr no dont do that, do you remember Foghorn Leghorn by any chance?"

  2. As long as it's not woke garbage like the first Knives Out, this could actually be a great flm.

  3. As soon as I saw Rion Johnsons name, I'm out. Can't say what I want to say about him on here without getting suspended.

  4. After what he did to STAR WARS I wouldn't give Ryan Johnson $0.50 to film a Tik Tok of two goats banging at the zoo let alone pay money to watch his movies. As far as I'm concerned everyone starring in this movie us doing so just to keep Mickey Mouse happy and their work us diminished by being associated with his.

  5. Is Craig serious with his accent? I'm confused… I'm Swedish but even I could do a much better southern accent than he does in these movies…I'm confused…

  6. ed norton holding a film on his own, again.. yes he's hard to work with, but the way they put him on the scrap heap for nearly 2 decades is exactly what you'd expect from the Hollywood pricks.

  7. I DO DECLARE, this is straight up a murder in savannah made into a movie!

    I bet you Daniels character's name is Caleb.

  8. This whole comment section is infested by bots.

    I thought Rian was a terrible director after what he did to star wars. Then I saw knives out, holy crap that guy can do murder mysteries like nobody else. I think this is his calling – keep doing murder mysteries, stay the hell away from star wars.

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