Gisele Bündchen Hired Divorce Lawyer, Tom Brady “Trying to Figure Out What to Do”: Sources | PEOPLE

Gisele Bündchen has hired a divorce lawyer following months of “tension” between her and her longtime husband, Tom Brady, sources confirmed to PEOPLE.

A source tells PEOPLE that Brady is “trying to figure out what to do” after Bündchen hired a lawyer, and is looking for one himself. Representatives for Bündchen and Brady did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Gisele Bündchen Hired Divorce Lawyer, Tom Brady “Trying to Figure Out What to Do”: Sources | PEOPLE



  1. Leave Brady alone. He is the one living with her. All I know is that the guy stayed home with her for months and came back. Maybe he start thinking “is it how it’s gonna be from now on? He apparently answer that question. Beside everybody thinks Brady is crazy about her because she is mirage to them . Brady lived with her for 13 years. Of course it is going to affect him for a while but not as much as people think. I always suspected that Gisele was Gaga but not Brady. He even didn’t make the effort to learn Portuguese while everybody else in the house speak Portuguese. He was very matter of facts in his marriage. Even now he doesn’t initiate nothing . He just respond to what she does ; pick up the kids from Costa Rica to take them for 11 days to the bahamas , hire a divorce lawyer after she did… He is almost like saying “ Stay if you want because I will do what I will do.” She took it too far if she was trying to get his attention

  2. Acorda Brasileiro(a) ! Não deixe o cargo de presidente sob comando da esquerda como fizeram na Venezuela. Compareçam dia 30/out e votem Bolsonaro 22! 🇧🇷🙌🏻 Não se abstenham do seu direito de decidir o futuro da sua família 🙏🏻 Só uma população madura merece um país de qualidade, cuide do nosso 🇧🇷

  3. Imagine that. A man who enjoys working at a job he loves……for a few months a year. Plus his wife & kids can go and be with him enjoying the excitement at times. Then he has many months at home as well & travel, take vacations as a family. And, this woman defies logic by wanting to divorce this man…and why??? Because she "wants him to spend MORE time with the family". No dear…a divorce causes SEPARATION in a family. This broad is thick as a box of rocks. {shaking my head}🤪

  4. Tom is a good guy. I can’t see many people having the luxury of working only 6 months a year and spending 6 months dedicated to fam. Give the man a break.

  5. Both toxic!! He cheated on his pregnant ex with the manipulative Giselle, then Giselle quickly made him two children to keep him… both deserve each other. Sorry, but he shouldn’t let his ex go because she seems more smart, more warm, calm, patient, beautiful soul

  6. Brady has nothing left to prove in football. There will never be another Football Star in the near future that will achieve his success, victories, Superbowls, riches or accolades.

    That said Tom, you’ve entertained and delighted us for many sessions. It’s time to hang it up for your wife, children and greater family.

    You’ll always be apart of football, but now you’re priorities are at home. The’ll be grown before you know it – and no body wants to live out “cats In The Cradle and Silver Spoon…

  7. Não há homem que aguente a mala que é essa mulher. Comunista de I Phone e milionária, mas não ajuda os pobres. Só sabe cagar goma.


  9. Better now than later…if one year of football can make you divorce a 15 year marriage, u was married for the wrong reason anyway..this is just a case of a privileged person wanting her way and didn't get it…throw a childish temper tantrum…smh…good for Tom…hope he finds someone that respects his decisions to the end of their days…not just because a 45 year old didn't retire…no he doesn't have to work anymore but he loves what he does, his kids do as well, most of us have to work well past 60, what does one more year hurt..smh…get Giselle outta here!…

  10. there are millions of giseles and only one tom brady and at the end of the day modern women are never content.
    he's doing what he feels is best cuz in the end she won't ever be happy with anything he does.

  11. It’s what he loves. So many of her interviews she stated he loves football and she won’t stop him from what he loves. I feel someone knows when it’s time. Kobe, Jordan etc.

  12. I genuinely feel bad about this situation. I’m not someone who likes seeing people and families divided. Divorce can be very difficult and traumatic. I understand the pain associated with divorce unfortunately. Seems like “love” doesn’t exist.

  13. Let this be a lesson about Instagram. All she does on her Instagram is say how wonderful things are and just be positive and calm and she jumps over rainbows etc. During covid she would post "stay home" because why not when you don't have to worry about money. Well Gisele, people with more stress, financial insecurity etc know how to stay positive and jump over rainbows with far more ease because they are real.

  14. She shouldn’t complain.

    I understand raising kids.

    But he is still a man. Who has a job.

  15. He will be fine. He will play football, retire and be an NFL commentator, then get a girlfriend. His kids will still adore him. No loss. She can go on and find someone suitable for her.

  16. That's what happens when you choose football over your family. When is enough for you Brady?

  17. Don't usually comment on these things but It's ashamed that you have all the money, propert, material things you could want and still not happy. Why? because the most precious things can't be bought and that is family happiness. True love means giving and when you do this benefits both. Sad if true story

  18. I'm with Tom Brady. He is a great husband and father. Tom Brady is a great man. There is nothing wrong with the life that the Brady family lives. Gisele should stand by her husband, or get out of the way

  19. Now with the recent economy, To get Financial FREEDOM you have to be making money while you're asleep.

  20. I guess we’re going to see either Laura Wasser or Gloria Allred real soon, if Tom gets a tan, he can hire Benjamin Crump

  21. if she LOVED TOM BRADY she wouldnt ask him to quit
    You dont tell people u love to stop doing what they love

  22. I'm having fried chicken for dinner with mashed potatoes. Can't decide between peas or corn for the side. Hmm?

  23. Good going girl, divorce him. You gave up your career for him and he refuses to do anything for you.

  24. Well, Tom & the Bucs not going to the Super Bowl this year.
    Brady cant be in the zone to win

  25. Cheating ass Tom Brady cares more about football than his spoiled ass family. His fault.

  26. Sounds like another Sylvester Stallone situation … threats of divorce then have Lawyers restructure the Assets.
    It's always about MONEY !!!

  27. Giselle is worth about 400 million, while Brady is worth about 200 million. Let's see if the courts will fairly grant Brady some alimony.

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