Ginny & Georgia Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Buckle up peaches, Ginny & Georgia are back and they’re messier than ever. Season 2 premieres January 5th, only on Netflix.


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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

New relationships and challenges await Georgia and Ginny as they navigate life in Wellsbury — until secrets from the past threaten everything.



  1. I love this show 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼 and I need season 3 asap👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Ps I loved how Marcus described depression because I was going through something similar and it really hit home

  2. 25 year olds playing 16 year olds isn’t weird? like why r u 25 with a 17 year old body , your not ashamed?

  3. I’ve tried researching, does anyone know who Brianne Howey (Georgia) was before the change?

  4. Hopefully there’s a Season 3. I started watching this show last year so I was already a year and a few months late to watch it. I just finished season 2 last night. I’m really HOOKED ON IT!!!💖💖❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  5. So I've been HOOKED on Ginny & Georgia since the very first episode!
    Now waiting for season 3!!…March can't come soon enough! 💖💖💖

  6. i hate how Ginny never understands her mom and keeps disrespecting her, I hope she finally realise she’s wrong the season!!

  7. Can't believe Ginny is still figuring out her mother in this season. How many episodes did Georgia show her true intentions for her in the last season. Ginny definitely needs another 5 seasons to get matured hahaha. Sorry for my critics. I'm just a straightforward person I'm not a gay and totally not a homophobic. Just a sarcastic one 😂

  8. I am happy how they picked characters. Each person is perfect for that character. Amazing 😍

  9. I understand both of them. Ginny is a good human. Georgia is traumatized, but good person, a fighter. If she wasn't like that, she'd be gone long ago, and Ginny and Austin would be in some foster care.
    I watched both seasons, I will not spoil. I just want to say I really enjoyed Georgia's character, it's a very interesting psychological profile.

  10. i dont get it,…am i supposed to sympathize with a couple of irredeemable, cheating, murderous skanks?

  11. I feel like this show should have been Called "Us against the World" 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  12. Spoiler Alert

    Ginny does appreciate Georgia more this season. Her ending line is “Some people go through their whole lives to knowing what it feels like to be unwaveringly, unconditionally loved. I’m lucky. I know what the feels like”. That is such a good line, Ginny finally appreciates Georgia.

  13. I love these series I hope they continue to make more like stranger things ughh don’t want it to end Georgia forever my fav ❤

  14. I love this show so much it really shows how everyone has flaws and goes through their own problems and how everyone is oblivious to other people’s problems around because they’re so focused on their own.
    Season 2 did a good making to characters to understand to check and try to understand the people around them more.
    Season 2 felt so different from season 1 I can’t even watch 1 the same now lol.

  15. Does this film describe generally life in the United States? In addition to Georgian characters of course

  16. the best ever after gilmore girls. can't wait to watch season 3. hopeful every good thing will come with Georgia in next season. Maybe the way she fix problem not "healthy" but she's a good mom, and everything she gone through,…. STRONG women.. Georgia isn't bad person. About Marcus, and Ginny, I can feel their hurt, the depression, the hurt when you hurt yourself. But everything would be healed by their friends, family, understanding. So let's think in real life, if you was born in a social evil (child abuse, persecution, teen pregnancy, addiction…), then you wanna safe, full life; how you could get it?? By the way, some rich people out there, maybe do something in dark to get they're money, we don't actually know. So that's the reason I feel Georgia isn't bad. Director of this tv show best. I love all character from this.

  17. Young people need to stay out of Grown people’s business kids stay teenagers. Now Ginny brought on all that on herself because she went looking for all that information. And the PI need to be jail for talking with a minor.

  18. This show raises awareness of everyday life for more than people realize. It hits home for so many in so many areas. Brilliant.

  19. Can anyone answer me, whhhhy she did that with Tom, Cynthia's husband, m still clueless 😐

  20. This season was way much better than season 1. But where's the evidence to arrest Georgia??

  21. What is the name of the song at the beginning of this trailer I keep hearing it everywhere!!! It’s driving me crazy

  22. this garbage the most woke, mind-cancer-inducing, thinly-veiled piece of globalist propaganda I’ve ever seen. TV for braindead robots.

  23. Season 2 was so much better than season 1, is like you saw the real ppl behind all the masks worn….
    Netflix, that thing you'll tried with Cynthia and Joe, please don't, don't!…also can we get Hunter and Padma going and please Abby needs some focus too ! Tired of seeing no one noticing how much pain she's in. Also, Press, seriously ?! …the guy doesn't look like he even belongs in high school…

  24. There needs to be a season 3 no way can they keep it on that cliffhanger, and I appreciate all the relationships between Ginny and Georgia and Ginny and Marcus amazing can’t wait for season 3

  25. I love (I adore) Ginny and Marcus together. Lovely couple ever. I’m watching this show for their lovely chemistry first of all, and then for bad asa Georgia – love her too! Great show. I hope for season 3, please!

  26. Ginny is such an ungrateful brat. If she were in Georgia’s place young broke and being abused by countless men including her stepdad..she would’ve not made it to a day being alive..MOm G remained strong for her and her kids and I laud her for that ❤

  27. So crazy to think that a bunch of great shows have been cancelled and Gini and George is releasing a new season 😭

  28. The Second Season Is More Interesting, I love when It Play 'Until I Found You' song in a background…..

  29. Every family has their own problems . There is no family without problems. We human are not perfect . Relationships are hard , good people , bad people etc Georgia knows how it feels to be seduced by your stepdad and your mom do nothing So she killed for her child. Kevin shows the desire about Ginny. We never understand until we make our own kids. Its easy for the kids to blame their parents, but they need to take the responsibility of their life!

  30. this season is like the glow-up of last one with all the issues in it specially with the dark mental health topics addressed!

  31. No growth in her character at all or anything just her bitching and bitching only thing she seems good at doing.

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