Georgia: Warnock-Walker Senate Race Could Head to Runoff; Gov. Kemp Defeats Abrams

Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and his opponent Republican Herschel Walker will likely head to a runoff if neither candidate wins 50% of the vote needed to win the election outright. Warnock was able to capture more white and rural votes than Stacey Abrams, who lost to Georgia’s incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp, explains ​​LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund. “Voter suppression has had an impact in this election,” says Brown, who joins us from Atlanta and notes how mail-in ballots in Georgia went down since 2018. We also continue our conversation with John Nichols, who describes the impact of gerrymandering in the tight House races and the Ohio Senate race, which he says was a “big loss for Democrats.”

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  1. Fake pastor Raphael Warnock
    The guy that claims to be a "Christian" while supporting the killing an unborn child made in the image of the "God" that he professes to worship.
    Warnocks god sadly in the Lord of hell Satan himself.

  2. The Republican having Herschel for a candidate is likened to Bugs Bunny nominating Elmer Fudd, WTF the voting public have really gone off the rails with this one.

  3. That one million she is talking about … probably voted in person because they don't trust mail in vote after the debacle two years ago. Just register take your id go vote it's that easy. Or maybe it's all lies in this video … we never know. But here we are in a run off with warnock again. Hhmm

  4. Biden's already bought the seat 💺
    Why are you having
    A run off?
    He bought John Fettermans seat.

  5. The truth is: NOT Joe Bident, Obama, Clinton, Kamala, you named it' will never ever allow any of their daughter to have an ABORTION. Or married an illegal immigrants!!!

  6. Maybe Republicans can save some of that ad money and get Herschel some tutors, before the runoff

  7. Amy, we need "democracy now" in more ways than ever.
    Raphael Warnock gets more votes. Yet he doesn't win. This is democracy? No. Warnock won. Our system benefits rightwingers so much. Runoff elections and electoral votes work to silence minority and independent voters. Shamocracy. Warnock is so eloquent,intelligent and kind. He won. Walker is just awful and lost because of it. Now fascism gets a second chance. Shamocracy. Love dn.

  8. In Georgia, This time Ethiopian Americans didn't vote for Warnok as last time to drop Trump, b/se he sides the terror group TPLF and said "Sorry I didn't know !"

  9. Contrary to Walker's beliefs, he will not win a run off because he can run the forty in 4.3!

  10. What has happened in Georgia is LUNACY !!!! They love football more than conscience. This runoff is unfortunate, yes, I agree. As for Stacy Abrams, how the hell did she not capitalize on the fact that Kemp CANCELED FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC !!!!!!

  11. Good ole pile-of-tricks trust none of them remember this is a corporation and not a government….

  12. A man with half a brain was within a few votes of being a US senator. Let that sink in.

  13. Georgia Republicans own Walker. That is disgusting! Walkers will carry the water for Repubs. Disgusting! People see Walker as imbecile! What an insult to even think Walker having a face off with reputable Rev. Warnock.

  14. Black Voters Matter? Who's the head of this organization? This organization popped up out of nowhere. Naturally it fronts black faces, but no one heard of this organization before this election cycle. Who are the white faces behind Black Voters Matter? Stacy Abrams is dead politically. There's no shift in Georgia. She didn't win. Waiting for the finger pointing to start. And it will.

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