1. Really really hope they follow the comics at least for the end of the arc…(spoilers)

    where vought just cleans house and murders all of them

  2. OMG! they bought to mess it all up! We can never have a show with just adults! They always gotta kid the shows up! Shit!

  3. So they took that one episode of Diabolical and turned it into a spin-off series? Well long as speaker head shows up I’m up for it

  4. Is it me or every nowadays shows and movies be having less and less white people ,not gonna complain, but we all know that it's not right. Those lgbt communities have no chill

  5. Wth the boys isn’t even finished can we get season 4 first at least damn I’m really getting tired of these producers at these filming company’s they make the worst calls 😂 and everybody wonders why shows keep getting cancelled so soon these days

  6. Oh noo. Get prepared for alot of unnecessary crying. Getting The Walking Dead: World Beyond Vibe.

  7. Or maybeeeee.. We just focus on more than a 10 episode season instead of expanding already..dont walking dead this show..

  8. Checks all the boxes strong diverse female lead who's probably tougher than everyone else combined. A bunch of kids who will most likely be sexualized and evil white men running the whole program

  9. Stick with the Original Boys series and call it quits, the way I see it they do spin offs and the original series suffers.

  10. Me: the Boyz is just great. Best thing Amazon ever did and I hope they will wait couple of years before they’re start to milking it like MCU F4

    Amazon: hold my beer 🍺

  11. Okay, now they’re starting to milk the boys. But a spin off show is a good idea and works now after season 3. This can tie up loose ends and characters we saw and story lines

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