Garlic & Gunpowder | Full Sci-Fi Action Movie HD


PLOT: A comet is on track to destroy the planet and the world’s top 1% aren’t taking any chances. A 300-pound female mob boss, a Chinese mafia leader and a couple of federal agents all have competing plans to pull off what could be the final heist of existence

CAST: Michael Madsen, Vivica A. Fox, Felissa Rose, James Duval, Martin Kove, Lainie Kazan, Lindsay Hartley

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  2. Besides all of the raciest overtones . This movie was corny, but I’m surprised so many A-listers signed up to do such a poorly written project.#OBP Bluesman

  3. the only "Si-Fi about this movie is that they called it a Si-Fi movie just because there's a comet in it, some one didn't know how to spell "comedy"
    The only fun scene is the one where the clown gets his hand blown off 🤣

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