Futuro Media Probes Deadly U.S. Border Policy & NY Drug Trafficking Trial of Mexico’s Former Top Cop

In “Death by Policy,” the newly launched investigative unit of Pulitzer Prize-winning Futuro Media reveals how the U.S. Border Patrol’s policies push migrants attempting to cross from Mexico to the U.S. into dangerous areas, especially the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The longstanding “prevention through deterrence” approach, which funnels people into unsafe migration routes, has contributed to thousands of deaths since the 1990s.

For more, we speak to Futuro Media’s Maria Hinojosa, who hosts the new podcast on Latino USA and draws connections to the new bipartisan immigration Senate reform bill. We also speak with Peniley Ramírez, co-host of the unit’s new five-part podcast series “USA v. García Luna,” which looks at Mexico’s former secretary of public security, García Luna, who will soon become the highest-ranking Mexican official ever to face trial in the United States for his alleged role in drug trafficking. “This person was at the same time, according to the accusation, working for the Mexican government, working for the Sinaloa Cartel and cooperating with U.S. agencies, especially the DEA,” says Ramírez.

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  1. The only policies leading to death are encouraging people to come over here without vetting them. Or folks sending their children alone with strangers. She chose to travel by herself in unfamiliar territory. She is illegal not a migrant. That's like a bank robber calling 911 bcse he got lost getting to the safe bcse he broke in at night and it's too dark. Then you pick him up and take him back home like nothing happened.

  2. Everybody just forms a line at a gap in the fence to get processed. Nobody is forced to cross somewhere else.

  3. MOST Border patrol officers are mean and do not want to find the immigrants! People know this!!!

  4. Thinking the USA can take in all these people 24 7 365 days a year is absolutely insane and unsustainable. The border is not secure.

  5. Trump built 250 miles of border wall on a 3500 mile border and said he had the border sealed air tight before Biden came along. Trump's wall has a little hole in it that is 3000 miles long. Trump is sneaky and he always cheats. There is more to the border wall story than we know. There are numerous examples of Trump pulling horrible stunts and blaming Biden for these stunts. Trump destroyed Afghanistan by signing a surrender agreement with the Taliban and Trump continues to blame Biden for this stunt. Our cities were on fire with riots during the Trump administration and most of that violence went away when Biden took over, but this is not the story Trump tells.

  6. Trump wants us to believe he had the border sealed air tight and then lazy irresponsible Biden opened the border and let 2 million illegal aliens enter. Trump has pulled numerous stunts to frame his competition and make them look bad. There is more here than meets the eye. I think illegals crossing the border today are fulfilling a contract between Trump and the cartels. I think Trump had cargo planes bringing in billions of dollars worth of illegal drugs across the border and his hand picked FAA officials had our control towers ignoring these flights. Trump's mobster public officials probably told tower people these were military training flights. Trump has been lying and cheating since he was a little boy. Trump pulled every stunt he could think of to cheat on the election and still lost. This stunt fits in with Trump paying Bobulinski to steal Hunter's laptop from Hunter's Delaware office after Hunter moved to California. Rudy took the laptop to repair shop where some content was removed and some content remained. Imbarrassing photos were left unchanged. Emails between Hunter and China are fake and based upon Trump's extensive dealings with China. Trump is following, "always accuse the other side of that which you are doing". Trump's role models are Goebbels and Hitler.

  7. The bottom line is illegal immigration is caused by the CHEAP LABOR Corporations/Oligarchs/Lobbyist. Yea….Ever since 1830s it is about CHEAP LABOR.

  8. How to stop the deaths of PPL trying to cross our border illegally? Stop illegal immigration…100% stop it. When illegal aliens were trying to enter by ocean to Australia 1000s died in the dangerous voyage. Australia stopped ALL illegal entry and send refugees to East Timor. A safe country. ALL DANGEROUS TRAVEL BY ILLEGAL ALIENS STOPPED. DEATHS BY ATTEMPTED ILLEGAL ENTRY STOPPED. By opening the border MORE and MORE ILLEGAL ENTRIES HAPPEN. And more deaths happen. THIS IS SO COMMON SENSE.

  9. Is the Border Patrol supposed to be patrolling the border to help the people who have crossed the border illegally?
    I thought their job was to keep our border safe FROM illegal crossers.
    Yes, it’s sad that illegal crossers get lost & die. The Democrat policies that encourage that illegal behavior is the problem.
    The policy to keep our border safe from illegal crossers is what all sovereign nations should do – it isn’t the problem.

  10. Why would Biden eradicate the border patrol? Him and Obama deported more people than any other president. I thought vice president Harris was in control of the border. Why not criticize her?

  11. These people at crazy. If people are gettin across the boarder by the thousands, it is not secure. Let their government worry about their safety. This isn't an adoption agency.

  12. Let me tell you a disabled man that's paid taxes my whole life can't get a disability even though I qualify so we the poor in America have been thrown under all the buses.

  13. I don't understand. Why not just go through or checkpoint immigrants are accepted in this country and always has been but there is a legal way to do it in an illegal way. Policies are only to ensure accountability and that you show up at a checkpoint. When you decide to cross illegally how is that anyone else's phone not to say I do not have sympathy for those that perish. But I have to respect the laws of this country why should not the people that cross the border illegally and it doesn't matter in which direction you cross it is illegal

  14. She brings up Black people but the truth is there is no unity among Us and hispanics, they only only bring us up when its necessary to make them more relavent.

  15. Maria this is a question for you are you going to take care of this matters either this gunshots and violence and drugs coming in there's homeless people here in America food is high gas is high take care of America first and then we worry about other people God bless America

  16. My heart goes out to these people because they're all God's children. But, we have native Americans who are homeless, jobless, and undereducated. We can't afford to bring anyone else in till we take care of home 1st.

  17. Bicch please… aint nobody got time to be combing the desert…. they already have enough on their hands. Shes a re – ***d

  18. It's hard to take this channel seriously since they participated in many fake news stories in the past

  19. Omg Biden is FINISHING trumps wall‼️ corporate politicians don’t care about people or any living thing‼️

  20. Why do Mexicans get sympathy but Haitians get whipped and sent back to Haiti for no remorse?

  21. 👆look up that handle, he ships swiftly, and he got shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, psilocybin, chocolate bars, he's got a lot.. 🍄 💊🍄🍫💯🔌…..🍀🍀


  23. Ok, so for anyone curious. The Border Patrol & ICE both before 9/11 and ESPECIALLY after has always operated just like the C.I.A.. In its extreme lack of compassion, empathy, and REFUSAL to answer to anyone for misdeeds and crimes.

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