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When we return for Series 4, Button House is open for business, well, the gatehouse is. Can Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) make a success of the humble B&B or will the interfering ghosts once again scupper their plans?

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  1. I cannot believe that I have had a solid crush on Mat Baynton for literally 13 years now but here we are. From Horrible histories when I was young to this, he's literally so gorg I can't handle it

  2. I absolutely love Lolly Adefope as Kitty, the whole show is brilliant and she shines.

  3. Still the best show on TV, every episode makes me laugh. I can't dunk a digestive biscuit, without hearing "do it again"….😊

  4. I just want to say
    Kiell Smith (Mike) – plays a character in dhmis
    And Katy wix also plays a character in dhmis

  5. Watched on prime, more please. In fact, never end please. Ever. I mean it…. I’ll haunt you..
    I hope they still love working together for many years to come, perfect cast.
    I also hope Mary is riding her unicorn soon 🥺🦄

  6. When will this be back on HBO max. I need to see how Thomas tries to woo her this series.

  7. I was watching the show intro for clues about the ghosts and their deaths, thanks to someone in another comment section who pointed out that Mary appears beside the fireplace, the light flickers next to Robin, and the interesting details about how Cap appears: A desk drawer opens and you see Cap's reflection in the mirror above it. This is in the room with Mary and Robin.
    We know he had a hernia because he said "you don't want a hernia, trust me" and there are hints about physical pain when bending and the way that he lays down. So there was some speculation that he was on morphine for his hernia and either accidentally or intentionally took too much. It's not a stretch to imagine how he'd arrive at that point.
    Kitty appears in a child's bedroom, probably killed by her sister.
    On a lighter note, when Julian appears, a teacup falls off of the coffee table.

  8. Started watching Ghosts when it aired in 2019, just one episode.
    Forgot about it.
    Rediscovered it again in 2022, on bbci iPlayer, OMG,
    have been watching it over, and over, over again!
    That led me on to 'Horrible Histories',
    That led me on to 'Yonderland'
    That led me on to 'Bill'
    This trope has given me so much laughter and sadness (Gone, Gone)
    And yes, I do have them all!
    Hot sausage!
    Best thing since 'league of gentlemen'. Although, when the LOG appeared, in series 4 of HH, it was very cringe.

  9. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ both the UK "Ghosts" and the American "Ghosts" SO MUCH!!!!!!

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