FREEDOM'S PATH Trailer (2023) Exclusive

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A Union soldier flees from battle and is rescued unexpectedly from free Black man Kitch and his friends. Risking everything, Kitch takes William deep into the woods to the safety of his adopted home. It’s here that William discovers Kitch is a part of secret community of freed slaves, who run a portion of the Underground Railroad. When a ruthless and desperate slave catcher discovers the underground network, he conspires to bring it burning down to the ground.

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Freedom’s Path (2023) is the new drama starring Gerran Howell, RJ Cyler and Ewen Bremner.

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  1. Sooo much better looking than that Will Smith movie. THAT one looks like a fake trailer from Tropic Thunder. I can't take it seriously.

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  6. Fun Fact: There is not a single enslaved person depicted in this film. Freedom's Path is the first narrative film to be centered on free African Americans living in the south leading up to and during the Civil War. It is a story about learning to see people for the unique individuals that they are. The film has partnered with Byron Allen's HBCU GO, so every ticket purchased to the film goes toward a scholarship for specific underrepresented Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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  8. The best thing about this trailer is RJ Cyler. I would watch it just to see how good he does.

  9. Check out the exclusive trailer for FREEDOM'S PATH starring Gerran Howell, RJ Cyler and Ewen Bremner! In US theaters February 3, 2023.

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