1. Here we go again!! Yes we know there used to be slavery, we get how awful it was and yes we know it was the naughty white man that did it! Why do we have to have this woke crap shoved down our throats every week!!

  2. No thanks. Done with the fake Youwish ppl making 20 slave movies a year πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

  3. FUN FACT: There is not a single enslaved person depicted in this film. Freedom's Path is the first narrative film to be centered on free African Americans living in the south leading up to and during the Civil War. It is a story about learning to see people for the unique individuals that they are. The film has partnered with Byron Allen's HBCU GO, so every ticket purchased to the film goes toward a scholarship for specific underrepresented Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

  4. OHH boy…another 2 hour of slavery and stuff…..Hollywood should give it a rest already on that poor blackman and savage white man shit…….

  5. So when is the actual history of the Dahomey tribe going to be told since they and other tribes were the backbone of the slave trade?

  6. Another Slave White Devil movie

    How Unique. Slavery is wrong period but we forget that Asians were slaves, Whites were slaves, Latinos were slaves. Every race of people on earth since the beginning of time have been slaves and Africans sold Africans into Slavery. Uh oh they don’t want you knowing that

  7. Please do 1,000 more movies where the evil white men torture the good black people. I beg you. In fact, make ONLY movies like this. We are idiots and we haven’t understood the message yet. Please. Please. Please.

  8. I’m bored of this concept. Make a movie about ancient Egypt or sumn shit. Or another Apocalypto type movie

  9. Still got more "slave movies"in the pipe huh……but "slavery was 150 yrs ago. Get over it".

  10. Just how many of these do we need? I feel like it has been fetishized at this point.

  11. White Youwish ppl love making 20 slave movies a year . Actually they are the real Israelites of the Bible. Amos 9 verse 7 kjv πŸ’‘πŸ€«

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