FOUNDATION 2 Official Trailer (2023) Sci-Fi Series HD

A complex saga of humans scattered on planets throughout the galaxy all living under the rule of the Galactic Empire.

FOUNDATION 2 Official Trailer (2023) Sci-Fi Series HD
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  1. Black female lead hunted by white men, a new turd coming our way in the name of good cinema

  2. Are they ever gonna a make a proper sci fi movie exploring alien worlds with alien lifeforms? Without all the Superhero bs? Whys everything gotta be so childish, fake and super abilitie fights nowdays?

  3. Did they kick all the black people off Earth to one planet or something. One whole white person in the entire thing…

  4. This abortion of a show bares zero resemblance to the Foundation trilogy by Asimov. It is PC, woke bu11shit. It is simply awful. These books were my favourites growing up. I simply cannot watch this PC c4ap.

  5. I almost gave up on the show when I first started watching season 1. Luckily I stuck it out after the first couple episodes and ended up being very glad I did. Quite excited for season 2!

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