FORCE OF NATURE Trailer (2020) Mel Gibson, Emile Hirsch Action Movie HD

FORCE OF NATURE Trailer (2020) Mel Gibson, Emile Hirsch Action Movie HD

PLOT: A gang of thieves plan a heist during a hurricane and encounter trouble when a cop tries to force everyone in the building to evacuate. #ForceOfNature

CAST: Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Emile Hirsch

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  1. Y’all better hope there’s not a sequel based on all the hurt comments from all the people who thought this was a documentary and not a work of fiction for entertainment purposes.
    Be a shame if the next one had an earthquake in it.

  2. Yaaaay.. first Dexter announced now Batista is back!! Oh yeah and Mel Gibson god I've missed him

  3. Mel Gibson is a real man and I'm one of his biggest fans. You can't go wrong with a Mel Gibson movie. Such respect for him cause he has the courage to speak out against these demonic pedophiles. At this point, in thinking of Hollywood – I'm asking who isn't a pedophile? Pretty disgusting and terrifying isn't it! God Bless You Mel Gibson❤️

  4. Yes 💪💪💪💪can’t wait to see Mel back in action 👍👍👏👏👏👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  5. Interesting. The Hollywood pedophiles have trained Mel well. Bravo.
    *DO your own research, stop being Sheeppeople.

  6. So this movies is about puerto rico gettin by a hurricane, the bad guys are the actual puerto ricans, and the hero is a racist anti-semitic, has-been who is a known holocaust denier……cool.

  7. Mel: i love you for making "Passion.." but this movie, are you kidding me? I could not get past the first two minutes of this movie, and am grateful it only cost me two minutes to realize I have wasted yet another $2 at redbox on yet another crappy film that was apparently made w/o the input of anyone who actually does anything like what you are portraying. 1st scene: a veteran cop who has a dancing trigger finger. Next scene: he can't make the shot w his pistol, so he waves off the officer w a rifle. Really? Are you even trying?

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