Florida Death Toll Rises To 34 In Wake Of Hurricane Ian’s Destruction

Rescuers are still searching for survivors across a devastated Southwest Florida. As the death toll rises, some residents are thankful to be alive. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports for Saturday TODAY.

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  1. The death toll is higher. Sheriffs have confirmed hundreds of deaths. We are being lied to folks.

  2. Regarding assistance for Florida… I’ll just quote DeSantis when New York needed it: “I sympathize, but the answer is no.”

  3. I wonder if the ones killed were some of the ones laughing , drinking , joking about the forecast and refusing to vacate area. If so , no sympathy for the fools.

  4. This is trumps state now. Lets see if trump the billionaire (self proclaimed) throws in a few million to help out his fellow citizens, and the many that have donated to his phony causes. 😂

  5. right after the storm whoever the guy was that was interviewed said deaths in florida were in the hundreds confirmed. wow, the lies from msm

  6. I am republican but I will be voting blue in every race. I been in Florida for 12 years, And between this hurricane and Deathsantis, rules and cruelty, I can't wait to move the he'll away from Florida. If Ron the dictator win, we out of here. I already know, with all the work that has to be done, deathsantis and the Republicans not gone do a dam thing. People need help, people need to come together not be divided. I am thankful we didn't get damage, and we hate to leave because my husband is a doctor and I am a nurse and we are needed. But we can't deal with the stress of this disaster and these dam Republicans. I am over red states with bigering, racist, name calling, divide, lies, banding, attacks, bulling and do nothing. We are done. Blue state for us without the bands, so we as doctors can fully do our job. the division, the lies the attacks, where we can do our job without being threaten of jail. To much. This has shown us life is to short. I pray crist and val win, but if they don't, we fine will relocating. Blue

  7. Who cares about Florida to all your Republicans I'm glad you lost your homes your boats everything you love maybe you can move in with Trump before he goes to jail

  8. People must turn to Yahovah and his Christ before death surprises them . Life is not just about collecting material things that can be washed away without notice.

  9. What happened to the "hundreds" some Dumbocrat was talking about?
    This is Florida not California, most people here use their brain…

  10. Never understood what people saw in living in Florida as full time residents.. I lived there once for 3 months and couldn’t wait to come back home to Boston.

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