FLORA AND ULYSSES Official Trailer (2021) Disney Movie HD

FLORA AND ULYSSES Official Trailer (2021) Squirrel, Disney Movie HD © 2021 – Disney+.

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  1. I didn't know anything about this movie coming up, but I love squirrels, so I searched 'Disney squirrels' just to see some nice art and came upon this! It's like Disney magic! 🙂

  2. Dude I went to search about the book I was reading in ELA and didn’t know that flora and Ulysses got a movie THIS YEAR?

  3. Judging by this it missed the whole point of the book
    And literally there is always that one person in theses types of movies that want to catch the animal/person or something I just want something a little more original

  4. I'm pretty sure they stole the landing Spiderman-pose from Phat Gus in Mark Rober's Ninja Squirrel Warrior Course video.

  5. It’s crazy because like, this movie is just proof that we got older, because as a kid we saw everything with such a fun and exciting hue to it, and now we’d never think to see that a squirrel could be a superhero, but this movie just portrays a common day to day job of an exterminator getting rid of a squirrel, and the squirrel outplaying him. This movie will allow for parents to rekindle their child like spirit and be able to see and understand the view that their children currently have on the world.


  6. They couldn't afford Alvin, so instead they casted the squirrel from Alvin and the chipmunks movie

  7. Oh look the two failed Marvel heroines they are trying to on us is in the opening of the trailer. Hahahahaa
    World rules are consisted with the squirrel's powers… he can lift a human child but get knocked by a stainless steel ball pendulum? I see the physicals of mass is lost.