First Love | Official Trailer | Netflix

– “What would my life be now if I had never met you?” –

The Netflix Series “First Love” is a new story that has been crafted through inspiration from two songs by Hikaru Utada: the 1999 smash hit and musical gem “First Love,” and “Hatsukoi,” released 19 years later. The story follows a couple retracing their memories of their unforgettable first love over the course of more than 20 years and spanning three decades: the late ’90s, the 2000s, and the present.

The ultimate love story presented by the miraculous combination of Hikari Mitsushima, Takeru Satoh, director Yuri Kanchiku and the songs of Hikaru Utada

The Netflix Series “First Love” starts streaming from November 24, 2022, only on Netflix!


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First Love | Official Trailer | Netflix

Young, free and madly in love. As teenagers, the world was their oyster — but as adults, their lives seem dimmer, like a very important piece is missing.



  1. Good series that doesn't need glamorous stuff, rich lead roles, and perfect facial skin. Simply the best

  2. Truly amazing series. The story, acting, cinematography, and soundtrack go so well together. Along with Alice in Borderlands, I hope Japan continues to make shows / movies like these. How about releasing all of the Kenshin movies on Netflix? Takeru Satoh is amazing in those as well!

  3. Not really into this kind of show. but, damn didn't expect that I would fall in love to this one

  4. Before you watch the trailer, my advice is to not watch the trailer. Just go right into the series. Watching everything unfold is so magical.

  5. I panicked when episode 8 ended and they let the full song play out, seemingly like it was the end of the series
    That shit nearly f'd me up, man xD

  6. I 💖 This drama! I can still feel the character's emotion even after I finish watching it. All the actor and actress really capture the emotion very well. 💐💗😍😘 I wish it have two season series, One part when they were young and the other part when they were an adult. I always wish Jdrama make their series more longer 😂 9 episode is NOT enough! 😅

  7. Taisei Kido became everyone’s first love because of this series. A great one to end 2022. One of the best ever 💕👏🏻

  8. I watched this serie 3 times in a row. And I love it more everytime I watch it. I've never experienced anything like this with another movie or serie. It's just truly amazing.

  9. How can this be so beautiful 💜 the best Japanese series I've ever watched 🤧🥺 Have smiled and cried with the characters. I wish everyone watch this….😌 looking forward to watch more of J dramas.

  10. IZ*ONE covered this song. Kim Chaewon covered the song again now as part of Le Sserafim.

  11. never knew i am into romantic drama until i saw this series lol i tried many many kdrama but it just didnt klick . y'all should try this series really

  12. It was beautiful and a master piece until the episode number 8. But the episode number 9 (the last one) was very disappointing for me. It has not the same intensity and sense of details. And it doesn’t match with the rest of the serie. Anyone thought the same ?

  13. I WAS SO CONFUSED ABOUT WHO SHE WAS cuz i didn't realize it was her as a grown up in the first clips lmfaooo im so dumb..

  14. heard about this series from my cousin and i fell in love with it. the colors, the cinematography, the ost..

  15. This is the most modern Japanese Drama I’ve ever seen. True craftsmanship from writing, acting, cinematography, editing, set locations, and to costume design (notice the use of colors throughout). And they truly captured what falling in love as kids back in the 90s. The story has no loose ends. I can’t believe this dorama even exists as it is soooo good. And a special treat for fans of classic 90s Jpop

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